The Anti-Russia Cold War in the Arctic is Heating Up

BRIAN CLOUGHLEY—To develop the Arctic requires peace and stability. It would be impossible to reap the benefits of the new sea-route and potentially enormous energy and mineral riches if there were to be conflict. It is obviously in the best interests of Russia and China that there be tranquility rather than military confrontation.

But Britain’s Defence Minister insists there must be a military build-up by the UK in the Arctic “If we want to be protecting our interests in what is effectively our own back yard.” He is backed by the Parliament’s Defence Committee which states that “NATO’s renewed focus on the North Atlantic is welcome and the Government should be congratulated on the leadership the UK has shown on this issue.”


American Drones ATTACKED Russian Base in Syria—

This video—published on a US, unapologetically imperialist platform owned by Google—has a huge majority of comments supporting the Russian position and castigating the American (ruling class) duplicity and warmongering behaviour. This is healthy to say the least, as the comments incude the opinions of many sincere Americans. Apparently, the criminal lies and excesses of the empire have finally created (along with the Internet) a veritable transnational audience where old-fashioned nationalism no longer holds as it used to. And that is healthy for the human race.


Sins without Recourse, Beast without Remorse

NORMAN BALL—There are not enough dimensions frankly to deploy the appropriate chess game. But then we’re not in a chess game. We’re in an end-game. Finesse is an Enlightenment affectation. In a kingdom of hammers the adroit tactician is just another nail.

So enough please of rehabilitative measures, improved behaviors and well-considered countermeasures. No behavior under the sun will do until nuclear winter blots the sun from the sky. We’ve been staring down the barrel of Oppenheimer’s Shiva ever since some vanguard of Molochian butt-worshippers decided there’s life for them on the back-end of nihilistic cessation.