US Sanctions Are Pushing Russia to War

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM—It seems all the more significant that this week also saw US internet services launching a major clampdown on anti-war websites, suggesting that the powers-that-be want to shut down any criticism or public awareness of their reckless warmongering. What’s more, the latest round of US sanctions – there have been several previous rounds since the contrived Ukrainian conflict in 2014 – is based on nothing but wild, ridiculous speculation. That only adds insult upon injury.


Russiagate Crusaders Don’t Want Democracy, Just War

DANNY HAIPHONG—Instead of a war between two social systems, the “New Cold War” is directed against any alternative political ideology that challenges US imperialism. What makes the “New Cold War” perhaps even more dangerous than the first is the fact that no political movement in the US exists to stop the Deep State from escalating a war against nuclear Russia or suppressing the content and ideology of Black Agenda Report or even Black Lives Matter activism as agents of the Kremlin.


Cold War in the Sauna: Notes From a Russian American

PAVEL KOSHEVNIKOV—So, I went into the sauna; a stout man was sitting on the upper bench. He was the same age as I. Many of the older men in America call ourselves “old farts.” The name is not offensive to us, because we really do not care about our image, and because we like to make jokes about everything, mostly about ourselves. Usually, we old farts are nice, we love to talk, even in the sauna. Young people nowadays do not talk. They turn on their phones even in the sauna – I bet they do not know how to talk with other people. They cover their “secrets” in towels while we do not – we do not have any secrets anymore.