Russia Launches Super-Luxury Limo Brand to Compete with Bentley – Putin Is First Customer (Viral Documentary Film)

The president of Russia will be using a locally made limo of the new Kortezh series. They promised to create a new, domestically produced limo.

The only real leak was made last winter in Sweden. The project was given the code name Kortezh. Project Kortezh.

The rumors, speculations and wild guesses that have come from pseudo car experts in the last 5 years are too many to even count, Same goes for the designs and photos that had been spread on the internet with the title, The Biggest Secret Of Russian Car Industry Revealed.


Sabre-Rattling With Russia

BRIAN CLOUGHLEY—The Western media’s reporting of President Putin’s speech to Russia’s Federal Assembly on March 1 was intriguing.  It concentrated almost entirely on Russian weapons’ developments, with the New York Times, for example, reporting that the President “used the speech to reassure Russians that the military buildup was taking place.”  The 1500 words of the NYT report were almost entirely devoted to Putin’s description of Russian weapons designed to deter US-NATO adventurism, and a mere 65 words covered the social improvement programs he described.


The US Outspends Russia 10X On Military, But They Are Equals. Why?

D. ORLOV—In short, Russia is to most Americans a mystery wrapped in an enigma, and there simply isn’t a large enough pool of intelligent Americans with good knowledge of Russia to draw upon, whereas to many Russians the US is an open book. As far as the actual American “intelligence” and “security” services, they are all bloated bureaucratic boondoggles mired in political opportunism and groupthink that excel at just two things: unquestioningly following idiotic procedures, and creatively fitting the facts to the politics du jour. “Proving” that Iraq has “weapons of mass destruction”—no problem!


Watch Russian nuclear sub fire barrage of 4 ballistic missiles in stunning HD (VIDEO)

The Russian Defense Ministry has released footage of a Borei-class submarine firing a barrage of four Bulava missiles – the first such test for this type of submarine. The test was conducted on Tuesday in the White Sea. The video published on Wednesday shows some pre-launch activities on board the Yuriy Dolgorukiy, the lead of the project. Then the submarine is shown firing four Bulava missiles at a test range in Kamchatka in quick succession.


Making sense of Russian political ambiguities

THE SAKER—There are roughly two camps vying for power inside the Kremlin: I call them the Atlantic Integrationists and the Eurasian Sovereignists. The former group is a pure product of the 1990s. We can think of them as “liberals”, IMF/Washington Consensus/WTO/WB types; folks who came to power thanks to the regime of oligarchs which ran Russia from about 1990 to 2000 and which was both deeply pro-American and which had extremely close ties to Israel and the various political Jewish and Zionist organizations in the West. The latter group is primarily a product of the armed forces and the security services. The “bridge” between the two is, by the way, the Russian military industrial complex in which both groups are represented.


Russia Bows to US and Israel, No S-300s for Syria

STEPHEN LENDMAN—Current Syrian air defense systems were produced by Soviet Russia, way inadequate for current needs. Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport is ready to supply S-300s if approved by the Kremlin. It’s not forthcoming, not now at least. According to Putin’s military technical cooperation aide Vladimir Kozhin, Russia will not supply S-300s to Syria’s military – nor are talks about possible delivery being held. Kozhin falsely claimed Syrian armed forces have “all” the air defense systems “they need” – a shameful remark, clearly untrue.


BOOKS—Russian Peace Threat: Russia Sends Yuri Gagarin Around the World for Peace; US Invades Cuba

RON RIDENOUR—“As the cold war reached freezing point, the USA and the Soviet Union entered the space race both hoping to be the first nation to conquer space. In 1957 the Soviets, led by the extraordinarily talented rocket scientist Korolyev, launched the first manmade satellite (sputnik) into orbit. This was soon followed by the first animal in orbit with Laika the dog. Laika sadly never returned to earth but in 1960 the heroic dogs Belka and Strelka successfully orbited the earth for a day and returned safely, laying the final grounds for the first human space flight” wrote Louise Whitworth.