Listening to Mattis

AUSLANDER—In the assault on Syria by the US and its vassal states and allies…each and every politician, officer and serviceman of the countries involved is guilty of war crimes of dreadful seriousness, all of them from president down to the cooks feeding the troops. No one who was involved in any way in this undeclared war is clear of guilt.


Russia launches development of new 5th gen attack sub

New Husky class has the torpedo tubes in the bow pointing directly forward with the sonar below it. The ship will also have long flank arrays. Featuring lowered noise, automated control systems, reactor safety, and long-range weapons, the new fifth-generation submarine would be designed to serve the Navy for 52 years. Taking into account the technological sophistication of Russia submarines in production, there is every reason to believe that the knowhow and production capacity exist to make Russia the first country in the world to have a fifth generation submarine in service.


Debunking the flagwaving myths about an attack on North Korea

THE SAKER—Twelve to fifteen percent of the entire population was murdered by US forces in Korea during the last war (compare these figures to the so-called ‘genocide’ of Srebrenica!).  That is what Nikki Haley and the psychopaths in Washington DC are really threatening to do when they speak of taking the situation “in their own hands” or, even better, when Trump threatens to “totally destroy” North Korea.