The Saudi-Qatar Spat – An Offer To Be Refused

The real issue for the Trump administration is to unite the GCC behind its plans against Iran. There is only a small chance that such can be achieved. Iran is an important commercial partner for Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE andREAD ON

US shoots down Syrian government aircraft

There is nothing legitimate about the military activities of the US and its allies inside Syria, which, under the guise of the “war on terror,” are seeking to carve out areas that can be used to mount operations against theREAD ON

Upping the Stakes in Syria

The lawless and arrogant US-led coalition keeps adding to its terrorist crimes.  APPENDIX Related comments The following fact and commentary appears on The Saker’s website, focusing on the same topic. We present them here for their inherent value to theREAD ON

Global Detention

The destruction of Libya included massive bombing of civilian areas and an estimated death toll (including a high percentage of children) in the tens of thousands. Obama ordered troops to South Sudan, the Congo, and the Central African Republic…a de-factoREAD ON

The crisis in Qatar: yet another clumsy attempt by the Three Rogue States to weaken Iran (UPDATED)

APPENDIX 1—Noteworthy WHY Saudi Arabia Is Our Friend And Iran Is Our Enemy (explained by Jimmy Dore) Observe closely the convolutions by a White House press hack as he tries to explain the indefensible, the abject, corrupt (and criminal) USREAD ON

All Islamic Terrorism Is Perpetrated by Fundamentalist Sunnis, Except Terrorism Against Israel

MAIN COVER IMAGE: The Saudi royals and their entourage. A force for backwardness and evil in the world.  Though U.S. President Donald Trump blames Shias, such as the leaders of Iran and of Syria, for what he calls “radical IslamicREAD ON

Qatar and the forty thieves

What is different in those scenarios was that the fate of Assad was sealed by his people, and the support he received from his people and friends of Syria, but what is the likelihood of the Qatari Royals receiving suchREAD ON

Let’s Face It: Western-Backed Radical Islamists Are Dangerous

Column: Society | Region: Central Asia In further understanding the insanity of radical islamists, add to the trauma of war, the more conservative and strict parenting styles which are more typical among conservative Sunni Muslims, but widely rejected by western societies. While corporal punishmentREAD ON