Andre Vltchek Itinerant Philosopher and Journalist For years and decades, the so-called ‘left’ in the West has been moderately critical of North American (and sometimes even of European) imperialism and neo-colonialism. But whenever some individual or country rose up and began openly challenging the Empire, most of the Western left-wing intellectuals simply closed their eyes, and refused to offer theirContinue reading


This essay is part of an anthology by the author to be published by Punto Press later this year. speak of myself as a Socialist but in my innermost self I think of myself as a Communist. I prefer the Communist name to the beautiful word “Socialist” because the latter has in many places been either altered, weakened, diluted, deformed,Continue reading

Socialists Supporting NATO and US Empire: a Response to Ashley Smith

by RICK STERLING t the recent annual convention of Veterans for Peace, VFP Vice President Jerry Condon said “The US peace movement has been demobilized by disinformation on Syria.” Disinformation and propaganda on Syria takes three distinct forms. The first is the demonization of the Syrian leadership. The second is the romanticization of the opposition. The third form involves attackingContinue reading


Denmark: Return of the Vikings

Ron Ridenour Author, Activist, Journalist Scandinavia on the Skids: The Failure of Social Democracy (Part 7 of a 7 part series on Scandinavia “Socialism”) llegally I stepped upon the Royal Family’s castle grass in central Copenhagen during the flagday ceremony (September 5, 2013) honoring Danish voluntary soldiers’ return from their war in Afghanistan. My sign read and my voice shouted:Continue reading

Iron Fist

Denmark: Rogue State

Ron Ridenour Author, Activist, Journalist Scandinavia on the Skids: The Failure of Social Democracy (Part 6 of a 7 part series on Scandinavia “Socialism”) “Do I live in a rogue state?” Mette Fugl’s column was headlined in “Politiken”, June 4, 2016. ette Fugl is a major name in Danish Establishment journalism. She worked for the largest broadcast media, Denmark’s RadioContinue reading

Are Trotskyists Everywhere?

  BY  MICHAEL BARKER   he mainstream media and Blairite elites in the Labour movement continue to paint socialists who support the ideas of Leon Trotsky as a toxic breed apart from Labour. When interviewed on Channel 4 News last week, Peter Taaffe the General Secretary of the Socialist Party was asked “do you think that Jeremy Corbyn wants someone backContinue reading