Andre Vltchek Itinerant Philosopher and Journalist Foreign values and propaganda designed to undermine the nation’s socialist principles are slowly fracturing the communalist morale. There were villages on the horizon, consisting mainly of simple ‘tunnel’ houses, and I could also see aREAD ON

Hearts & Mines: The US Empire’s Culture Industry

BY TANNER MIRRLEES Published on Oct 29, 2016 Hearts and Mines: The US Empire’s Culture Industry From Katy Perry training alongside US Marines in a music video, to the global box-office mastery of the US military-supported Transformers franchise, it’s clearREAD ON

Latin America business

The Empire Strikes Back

=By= Chris Hedges decade ago left-wing governments, defying Washington and global corporations, took power in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela, Uruguay, Bolivia and Ecuador. It seemed as if the tide in Latin America was turning. The interference by Washington and exploitationREAD ON

UCCA Maidan

The 2016 Super Bloc Vote Part II Unleashing David vs the Russian Goliath

=By= GH Eliason Voting blocs, smoting blocs, who gives a damn? I got bloc’d in traffic the other day! This is America and everybody has a “voting bloc!” What ya’ didn’t know they’re on sale at Walmart? Two for a dolla’. ah, I get it.READ ON

Top CIA Objective: Fracture The Eurasian Bloc

WITNESS TO HISTORY CALEB MAUPIN residential Candidate Donald Trump is known for being very crass and rude. However, he also has a way of openly stating what other billionaires are thinking, but are afraid to say out loud. In oneREAD ON

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“Reality” Edited in Real Time: New Tech Shows Why You Can’t Trust Anything You See on the News

=By= Melissa Dykes – Truthstream Media alk about wag the dog. I’m not even sure what to write for a description of the video you are about to watch. So-called “reality” can be edited in real-time. It’s the matrix. TheREAD ON

NSA faces congressional probe over Juniper back door vulnerability

=By= RT S lawmakers have launched an investigation following the discovery of unauthorized code in firewall software from Juniper Networks. The probe will examine the possibility that the software was altered by the National Security Agency. Juniper warned its customersREAD ON