Irrefutable Proof: Russian Election Meddling Documented!

The current brouhaha is utterly trivial compared to the extreme, direct interference by US government-connected campaign professionals in the election that solidified oligarchy in the former Soviet Union.* Ahoy, out there in the United States of Amnesia… Does anyone remember when Time Magazine was influential?   Share This:

Assessing Russia’s military strength

  By ANDREI MARTYNOV, THE DURAN Is America Seeking “Preventive War” to Forestall the Rise of Russian Power? This article was originally published by COVER IMAGE: The SU-35 in flight. Beautiful and powerful. Innovative in every way possible, typical of Russian creativity in defense weaponry.  A classic example of such “preventive” war is, of course, US invasion of Iraq in 2003Continue reading

SUMMIT OF HYPOCRISY: Trump attacks Syria following Western false flag gas attack designed to smear Assad

(1) THE DEED President Trump orders military strike on Syria – Statement by President Trump on Syria DONALD TRUMP SPEECHES & PRESS CONFERENCE (2) Comment by the Editor As Jim Miles says in a companion essay on this topic, Trump’s actions “demonstrate to a high degree how easily manipulated Trump is and how there is not an iota of criticalContinue reading

Disarming ISIS Enemies? US “Arms Control” Sanctions Are Deeply Mistaken

Dateline: 4.2.17 } | Cover image: Hezbollah fighters in Syria.  he terrorist organization known as ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh is hated across the planet. Its crimes have horrified and shocked people in Iraq, Lebanon, France, and the United States. However, no people have suffered more from its atrocities than the people of Syria. The crimes of ISIS in Syria, including torture,Continue reading