Are Trotskyists Everywhere?

  BY  MICHAEL BARKER   he mainstream media and Blairite elites in the Labour movement continue to paint socialists who support the ideas of Leon Trotsky as a toxic breed apart from Labour. When interviewed on Channel 4 News last week,READ ON

Labour Through the Looking Glass: 15 Early-Morning Speculations on the Corbyn Surge

Dougald Hine | Bella Caledonia   Having jettisoned its raison d’etre, even its timid form of social democracy, Labour is now an empty hulk only committed to its own survival.             [box] Alice laughed: “There’sREAD ON

Chaos erupts over deadly mine accident in Turkey

Capitalism strikes again The tragedy happened for precisely the same reasons they continue to occur around the world: Management (and government) invariably put profits above the safety of workers. Once the work of slaves, mining has long been an occupationREAD ON

UPS Fires 250 Drivers After They Protested A Coworker’s Firing

BY ANNIE-ROSE STRASSER The pitiful condition of labor in the US allows for all manner of abuses by employers. Business —in cahoots with the government—has won this round, for the time being.  CREDIT: AP PHOTO/JULIO CORTEZ Two hundred fifty employees ofREAD ON

And So They Fall – Unions and Workers

“The goal has been to create a borderless world for goods and finance while building fences with razor wire to keep workers in place.” By Rowan Wolf, Cyrano’s Journal Today On January 3, 2014, the machinists union at Boeing votedREAD ON