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New York Times exploits Parkland tragedy to escalate anti-Russian campaign

ANDRE DAMON—The goal of the ruling class and its media accomplices is to put on “a unified front” through the suppression of social opposition within the United States. Along these Lines, NBC added, “Researchers tell us it’s not just Russia deploying these attacks on social media,” adding “many small independent groups are trying to divide Americans and create chaos.” Who are these “small independent groups” seeking to “create chaos”? By this, they no doubt mean any news or political organization that dares question the official line that everything is fine in America…


US announces indefinite deployment of military forces in Syria

JAMES COGAN—The criminality, and hypocrisy, of the American ruling class has no limit. Amid the hysterical accusations of “Russian meddling” in the US elections, Tillerson baldly asserted that the United States will decide the fate of Syria. Among the political forces that the US is working with are the very Islamist extremists that Washington exploited to justify its intervention into the seven-year civil war that has ravaged the country.