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Rethinking Revolution

Animal Liberation, Human Liberation and the Future of the Left By STEVEN BEST ________________ “Animal liberation may sound more like a parody of other liberation movements than a serious objective.” Peter Singer

“Animal liberation is the ultimate freedom movement, the `final frontier.’” —Robin Webb, British ALF Press Officer __________________ [print_link] IT SEEMS LOST on most of the global anti-capitalist and anti-imperialistContinue reading

What caused the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon?

Everyone should understand by now that, regardless of what party is in office, it is corporate power that runs and staffs this nation’s highest offices, and that American presidents are essentially shills for the untouchable plutocracy. By Tom Eley 
14 May 2010  [print_link] As more details emerge about the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon, which killed 11 workersContinue reading

The Deepwater Horizon ~ A HOLE INTO HELL (with VIDEO)

MULTIPART TOPICAL PORTFOLIO—-MONSTER ACCIDENT IN THE GULF As one ecosystem after another collapses from hyperexploitation, and after one species after another is driven to extinction, when and where will humans draw the line to their incessant depredations? But first, what is allowing this criminal state of affairs to continue? PART ONE: DEEPWATER HORIZON— A HOLE INTO HELL [print_link]  APRIL/MAY 2010Continue reading

ISSUE: Carriage ponies in old Manila

Torment without end Many instances of tremendous animal suffering are protected by established custom and reinforced by poverty. The solution sometimes may involve a struggle with both factors, not exactly easy in most parts of the world. Below some notes from Kim Bartlett’s personal diary, taken during a recent trip to the far east. Dateline: 1/24/10 [print_link] By Kim Bartlett,Continue reading