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US Military Intelligence: Russia Seeks a Dystopian World Where No One State Dominates Entire Globe

Select comment(s) CHUCKMAN • The long quote near the beginning says it all. Those goals would be the goals of every decent leader in every country. Only in the United States would they seem threats. Why is that? Because weREAD ON

Nuclear War: Making sense of the “super fuse” scare

  The Saker or weeks now I have been getting panicked emails with readers asking me whether the USA had developed a special technology called “super fuses” which would make it possible for the USA to successfully pull-off a (preemptive)READ ON

Europe’s Leaders are Freer than Ours

  Dispatches from Deena Stryker arine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front Party, is visiting Moscow, dissing the US’s scenario for Europe. Many political observers have noted that the 20th century actually began with the Russian Revolution ofREAD ON

Is Trump Moderating US Foreign Policy? Hardly

by CONN HALLINAN “Chaos,” “dismay,” “radically inept” — those are just a few of the recent headlines analyzing Donald Trump’s foreign policy. In truth, disorder would seem to be the strategy of the day. Picking up the morning newspaper or tuning onREAD ON

Sergey Lavrov Blasts America’s Imperial Agenda

Dispatches from STEPHEN LENDMAN  Supporters of “messianically imposing their own ultra-liberal values, changing sovereign countries’ political systems, among them through ideologically motivated operations to topple undesirable regimes,” reflect longstanding US-led Western policy. It’s responsible for mass slaughter, vast destruction, chaos andREAD ON

corporate dairy

Fascism Over Farmers? The Troubling Priorities of the American Government

[Photo: Corporate dairy Credit: Gunnar Richter] Witnesses to History CALEB T. MAUPIN S Foods Holding Corporation and Sysco, the two top American food distribution giants, are laying off thousands of workers. Wal-Mart is closing stores and terminating employees. AsREAD ON

Syrian ceasefire II – Why any cessation of hostilities in Syria is doomed to fail and what it would mean for the Syrian Army and its allies

CARRYING OUT THE CRIMINAL AGENDA OF THE 0.00001% ACROSS THE GLOBE By Aram Mirzaei, Vineyard of the Saker Part of this ceasefire agreement would include the fabled moderate rebels withdrawing from the jihadist camps; if they do not, the USREAD ON

Giroux and Casablancas

Government Corruption and Political Awakening

Julian Casablancas Interviews Henry A. Giroux Cultural Critic and Public Intellectual Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas interviews TGP Contributing Editor Henry A. Giroux for Rolling Stone. Casablancas invites Giroux to expound on the power of the banks over governments, andREAD ON