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Israel Waging Undeclared War on Syria

by Stephen Lendman Israel reflects the worst of rogue state governance. It’s contemptuous of international laws, treaties, conventions, its own statutes, and High Court decisions.  It’s out-of-control. It’s unaccountable. It makes its own rules. It maintains lawless militarized occupation harshness. It force-feeds austerity on its own citizens. It suffocates 1.7 million Gazans. It attacks other countries with impunity. It’s wagingContinue reading

The Real Winner of the 2012 Elections: The Global Electioneering Industry

by STEVE HORN Editors’ Note: Below some of the most notorious spinmasters in America today.  There are many others, as “political consultancy” is now a growth industry as American democracy’s substance dissolves ever more rapidly into pure formality without meaning. Akin to public relations, and very much a form of marketing, political consultancy shares a profound indifference, even hostility, toContinue reading

OpEds: The CIA proxy war in Syria and the pro-imperialist “left”

By Alex Lantier, WSWS.ORG Reports that US intelligence is giving covert assistance to “rebel” militias in Syria mark the latest stage in an escalating US campaign for an out-and-out takeover of the country. Yesterday, as videos emerged showing Syrian “rebels” carrying out mass executions of soldiers captured in Aleppo, it was reported that US President Barack Obama had signed an orderContinue reading

Obama Plans Regime Change in Syria

Editors’ Note: Except for Democratic party hacks and whores, the complicit media, and the legions of Obamabots, we know that Obama and his accomplices are not to be trusted at all when it comes to the Middle East, and now especially Syria and Iran. This piece dissects the manner in which the administration is manipulating events to accomplish its nefariousContinue reading