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Stop using millenary religions as a scapegoat for the crimes of Modern Imperialism

  BY KIM PETERSEN   espected writer William Blum understands US hegemony and imperialism on a global scale. In his important book Rogue State, he provided a comprehensive account of US imperialism around the world. Recently, Blum wrote a trenchant article that compellingly ridiculed the nonsense that Donald Trump is a greater evil than Barack Obama. Blum tore the veneer off the DemocraticContinue reading

Obama-Netanyahu Feud

NORMAN POLLACK Contrived Brouhaha hen thieves have a falling out, it is common to look for the “good guy” as though everything is relative and subject to comparative analysis. Not so here. Assume their feud is real, we still have Tweedledum and Tweedledee, a race to the political-ideological-moral bottom when the scope is enlarged to take in the fuller positionContinue reading

Crusaders and Zionists

Them and Us URI AVNERY, COUNTERPUNCH [L]ately, thewords “Crusaders” and “Zionists” have been appearing more and more often as twins. In a documentary about ISIS I just saw, they appeared together in almost every sentence uttered by the Islamist fighters, including teenagers. Share This:

Is It Possible to Understand the Rise in Anti-Semitism?

Originally published JUNE 18, 2002 COUNTERPUNCH / Reposted by reader request Zionism’s fallout— Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe and elsewhere. It may soon begin to gain traction in the United States, too.  The illicitly created state of Israel, its cynical and systematic use of fascistic policies, its embrace of a racist Zionist ideology, its nonstop brutalization of the PalestinianContinue reading