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Which do you trust: CNN, or Tass?

So, the question is whether it is CNN that is reporting credible news, or whether it is Tass that is doing so — or, perhaps, neither. (But, Seymour Hersh, Jane’s Defence Weekly, etc., are, in any case, documenting that the U.S.READ ON

MSM Mourned Liberation of Aleppo, Now Celebrates Liberation of Mosul

Those who were so outraged by civilian deaths during the military operation to recapture Aleppo don’t seem too concerned about them in Iraq. There’s been no emergency debate in the House of Commons to discuss the death and destruction inREAD ON

Hezbollah Helped Save Syria From Complete Destruction — And We Should All Be Thankful

So naturally, those who defended Syria from the real terrorists are now being vilified. Despite its critical role in helping to save Syria from destruction, Hezbollah has kept a relatively low profile. Contrast their efforts to the US-led coalition bragging about bombing emptyREAD ON

Piety and Proscription in the MSM: Noble Imperialists and Dirty Dissidents

The professional class of media sycophants did their damndest throughout the run up to the parliamentary vote in England. Yet the tame and genteel Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party gained dozens of seats while the sniveling varlet Theresa May lost herREAD ON

Russia Trumps Ecocide at the Petroleum Broadcasting System

“The alternative” is underway, aided and abetted by a dominant U.S. media that is absurdly obsessed with RussiaTrump to a degree that is egregiously irresponsible given the pressing significance of other topics, including climate change, the biggest story of ourREAD ON

Freedom Rider: Leave North Korea Alone

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley war “The United States escalates tensions with war games that simulate an invasion of North Korea.” The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly known as North Korea, has the right toREAD ON

Democrats Gone Mad: The Year of Living Stupidly

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford 2016 presidential campaign “The corporate media’s standing among the public erodes by the day.” For more than a year now, the collective U.S. ruling class, with Democratic Party and corporate media operatives in theREAD ON

America’s Deep State Power Struggle Is At Its Most Interesting Point Yet

This shocking, shocking, shocking revelation came a day after the Timesreported that Trump Jr. (who on an unrelated note has one of the most punchable faces in the known universe) had committed a shocking act of shocking treason by meetingREAD ON