Security, Safety, Security! Dictatorship by Democracy

PETER KOENIG—I wondered aloud how many valuable items, like cell phones, laptops, cameras and-so-on – ‘disappear’ – or get ‘lost’ in the hassle, and I could not shut up making my comments about the nonsense – the George Bush invented 9/11 endless war on terror, that itself was based on a false flag, i.e. the self-imposed 9/11 – and that prompted this forced submission to an ever-more degrading and harassing security procedure. About three security agents descended on me – this time politely, I must say, assuring me that all this was for my own safety. Naturally.


The real story behind the ICC

DAN STEINBOCK—Since Duterte’s democratic 2016 election victory, critics have accused the government of facilitating extrajudicial killings and other rights abuses to stamp out illegal drugs. These accusations have often relied on flawed data and misguided reports. Moreover, Philippine polls indicate that more than 70 percent of Filipinos stand behind Duterte and are more satisfied with his government than any previous one. Yet in March, the controversial UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, joined the ICC debacle saying that Duterte needed a psychiatric evaluation.


Full Spectrum Arrogance: US Bases Spanning the Globe

DAVID SWANSON—“Y’know, I watch a lot of basketball games because the University of Virginia is so darn good and I’m just disgusted because at every single game, they thank the troops for watching from 175—sometimes they even say more than 177— countries. They thank the “almost a million” men and women serving our country. They don’t explain what the service is, they don’t explain why they have to be in 177 countries. They don’t explain that there are only about 200 countries on earth, and that there are at least a dozen more countries they’re not telling us about.