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This Bourdain Thing is the Spawn of Obamania and #JeSuisCharlie

LORENZO—If we’re doing the radical-liberal whiteness-discourse thing, counterpoint: that the Pentagon chef is defended as a progressive luminary for going on nice vacations and hating Henry Kissinger is the apotheosis of rewarding white mediocrity. There’s no more evocative example of “white innocence”—“the insistence on the innocence or absence of responsibility of the contemporary white person”—than the fact he can be called “the best white man” after selling a war that literally returned fucking slavery to Libya.


Syria and the S-300s: Re-Centering the People in the Global Struggles for Power

AJAMU BARAKA—Yet in their zeal to push out anti-Russian propaganda, the state/corporate propagandists in the U.S. exposed once again Russia’s conservatism and acquiescence to the global colonial U.S./EU/NATO agenda. While the headlines screamed traitor at Turkish President Erdogan for concluding a deal for the Russian S-400, the most advanced system the Russians are selling on the open market, very few seemed to have noticed that those wily, evil Russians that were propping up their partner in Syria hadn’t even delivered on the S-300 sale to the Syrian state that had been concluded five years ago!


Washington’s Quiet Proxy War Against Vietnam

TONY CARTALUCCI—This proxy war has manifested itself in the form of the so-called “Arab Spring” where Chinese interests have suffered in nations like Libya that have been reduced to chaos by US-backed subversion and even direct military intervention. Sudan also serves as a proxy battleground where the West is using chaos to push Chinese interests off the continent of Africa. With continued US meddling in Vietnam more recently, it can be seen that America’s strategy of encirclement and containment is still very much in play. Vietnam has once again, if even only subtly, become a proxy battleground between Washington and Beijing.