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Vietnam Revisited During Trump’s Bonkers Brinkmanship

by JACK HEYMAN A Trotskyist seaman in the union convinced me that an individualistic act of refusing to sail to Vietnam wouldn’t stop the war, that revolutionaries should go with the working class youth, that our task was to organize within the military and the trade unions to fight to stop the war. My father’s family was steel mill workersREAD ON

Before Trump, the Media Loved “Alternative Facts”

by TED RALL “Continuing Unprovoked Attack on North Vietnam, U.S. B-52s Rain Death on Hanoi Without Reason.” But let’s not forget an inconvenient truth. Pre-Trump, the watchdogs of democracy were mostly lapdogs, gently licking the blood-soaked hands of those who fed them: America’s political and corporate elites. Media malpractice has been so sustained and widespread that it’s hard to know whereREAD ON

OpEds: Ghosts of Vietnam (Reposted)

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today NEW EASTERN OUTLOOK (Originally published on Oct. 27, 2013) served as a Marine infantryman in Vietnam during 1969 and 1970. I managed to catch malaria, get hit by a handful of scrap metal and gain a permanent distrust for the US government, one that had been festering in me after the killings ofREAD ON

How I Came to Understand the CIA

ABOVE IMAGE: WILLIAM COLBY: CIA’s IMPECCABLE GENTLEMAN.  MASS KILLERS IN BESPOKE SUITS. By DOUGLAS VALENTINE I told James that’s it’s complicated, that my experience is different from most other CIA researchers and writers. I didn’t follow the usual career course. I didn’t go to the Columbia School of Journalism. I’m a college dropout who climbed trees for a living forREAD ON


Andre Vltchek Itinerant Philosopher and Journalist Foreign values and propaganda designed to undermine the nation’s socialist principles are slowly fracturing the communalist morale. There were villages on the horizon, consisting mainly of simple ‘tunnel’ houses, and I could also see a few skyscrapers in the center of the city. Far below, the buildings on the shores of the ‘Little Lake’ wereREAD ON