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Before Trump, the Media Loved “Alternative Facts”

by TED RALL “Continuing Unprovoked Attack on North Vietnam, U.S. B-52s Rain Death on Hanoi Without Reason.” But let’s not forget an inconvenient truth. Pre-Trump, the watchdogs of democracy were mostly lapdogs, gently licking the blood-soaked hands of those who fed them: America’s political and corporate elites. Media malpractice has been so sustained and widespread that it’s hard to know whereContinue reading

OpEds: Ghosts of Vietnam (Reposted)

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today NEW EASTERN OUTLOOK (Originally published on Oct. 27, 2013) served as a Marine infantryman in Vietnam during 1969 and 1970. I managed to catch malaria, get hit by a handful of scrap metal and gain a permanent distrust for the US government, one that had been festering in me after the killings ofContinue reading

How I Came to Understand the CIA

ABOVE IMAGE: WILLIAM COLBY: CIA’s IMPECCABLE GENTLEMAN.  MASS KILLERS IN BESPOKE SUITS. By DOUGLAS VALENTINE I told James that’s it’s complicated, that my experience is different from most other CIA researchers and writers. I didn’t follow the usual career course. I didn’t go to the Columbia School of Journalism. I’m a college dropout who climbed trees for a living forContinue reading