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Eric Schechter: Out of the capitalist fog

ERIC SCHECHTER—The starting position is to not be awake at all. In this stage, you simply aren’t paying any attention to the news. Perhaps you vote once every four years, and that is the extent of your political involvement. And you vote for one of the two major parties, the one your family has chosen for decades, because it’s “good” and the other one is “bad.” You listen to the news sources that seem truthful to you — FOX if you’re a Republican, MSNBC if you’re a Democrat.


Steve Lendman on the non-existent “Russian threat” and the whipping up of mass hysteria

STEPHEN LENDMAN—Thursday’s press conference was long on accusations, bereft of evidence, none revealed about alleged Russian US election meddling or any other Kremlin threats because none exist. Endless false accusations against Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and other sovereign independent nations are all about creating and maintaining a state of mass hysteria about nonexistent threats.