The stench of McCain is still very much around: The Cancer of Conflict & Other Reflections

These statements by McCain and Graham are not admissions made by normal well-adjusted individuals, but rather by cold, dark hearted sociopaths who generally view the lives of Arabs (along with Slavs, Russians and others) as necessary cannon fodder in theREAD ON

Is This the Beginning of the End for John McCain?

Select original comments   Vtran TravelAbout • 2 days ago No … But led to believe that some like the “father” figure as may portray “wisdom” ! TravelAbout Vtran • 2 days ago I NEVER understood the older white maleREAD ON

With New D.C. Policy Group, Dems Continue to Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush-Era Neocons

ONE OF THE most under-discussed yet consequential changes in the American political landscape is the reunion between the Democratic Party and the country’s most extreme and discredited neocons. While the rise of Donald Trump, whom neocons loathe, has accelerated this realignment,READ ON

Poll shows 76 percent of Americans fear a major war

These fears are well-founded. Since February, the American population has been subjected to an unrelenting campaign of anti-Russian hysteria centered on supposed collusion by the Trump camp with alleged Moscow interference in the US elections. The driving force for thisREAD ON

Please Just Fucking Die Already

If you’re waiting for the part where I say I’m just kidding and would never wish death on anybody, please allow me to make myself clear: I sincerely, genuinely hope that Arizona Senator John McCain’s heart stops beating, and thatREAD ON

For the US and Its Allies, the Road to Tehran Runs Through Damascus and Southern Lebanon

It is also no accident that the uptick in US military aggression in Syria – a country which, again, it is worth pointing out it has zero right to be in – has ensued in the wake of President Trump’s visitREAD ON

A spook comes out of the woodwork to attack Brad Pitt’s War Machine

Kassel presents the 16-year US-led intervention in Afghanistan as “a war effort that, while certainly replete with absurdities and mistakes, was and continues to be fought by men and women who are dedicated to improving the security of the UnitedREAD ON