Oil, Qatar, China & The Global Conflict

China is now working with the Socialist government of Nicaragua to construct an alternative to the Panama Canal that will be controlled by anti-capitalist forces. China has rewarded Nicaragua for its cooperation with a huge amount of investment. The WallREAD ON

‘The World is (Not) Flat’: ‘Trumpism’ is Symptom of Decades-Long Imperial Arrogance

“No American president since 1945, whether Republican or Democrat, has broken so decisively with the American stewardship of the postwar liberal global order,” wrote Constanze Stelzenmüller recently, with reference to Trump’s policies towards Europe and the rest of the world.

Bitter conflicts dominate G20 summit in Germany

Trump comes to Hamburg as the personification of the backwardness, criminality and parasitism of America’s ruling financial oligarchy. His aim is to use the threat of war, from a potentially world catastrophic attack on North Korea to an equally dangerousREAD ON

The Kurds Are Ethnically Cleansing Arabs From Raqqa, And The World Is Silent

By Andrew Korybko, GlobalVillageSpace To get back to the urgent issue at hand – the ethnic cleansing of over half of Raqqa’s majority-Arab population – this is a “godsend” to the Kurds’ plans to “Balkanize” Syria through the expansion of theirREAD ON

Irrefutable Proof: Russian Election Meddling Documented!

The current brouhaha is utterly trivial compared to the extreme, direct interference by US government-connected campaign professionals in the election that solidified oligarchy in the former Soviet Union.* Ahoy, out there in the United States of Amnesia… Does anyone rememberREAD ON

Lendman on the Syrian & Mideast situation—latest commentary

EDITOR’S NOTE: No material by this author or any other author published on this site should be read as a defense of Donald trump and his policies. For us Trump, the GOP and the Democrats are all part of theREAD ON

Beyond Liberal Pieties: the Radical Challenge for Journalism

Main cover image:  What working journalists typically fail to see is that they rarely challenge the dominant culture’s ideological assumptions—that capitalism is a fair and just system, U.S. domination of the world promotes peace and freedom, and U.S. society movesREAD ON

Breaking: US-led Coalition Airstrike On Assad’s Forces In Syria Was Not Accidental

A number of Syrian military analysts believe that the U.S. Air Force’s main task was to hamper Syrian pro-government forces and to slow down their further advance towards Deir ez-Zor rather than to ‘protect’ U.S. ‘partners’.