The Callousness of the Corporate Military Empire

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—They send our young soldiers overseas to occupy countries we have no business ever being in. Peeling away the ‘ onion of truth’ reveals that our military is over there to protect our corporations and our banking cartels, and not for any other reason. So, we kill and get our soldiers killed for no moral purpose but …. keeping this empire empowered! Of course, this all fuels the nourishment of the beast that our Military Corporate Empire has become… whereupon half of our federal taxes goes down that rabbit hole! Is this what Making America great again is all about?


Blum’s Anti-Empire Report: Why do they flee?

BILL BLUM—Those in the US generally opposed to immigration make it a point to declare or imply that the United States does not have any legal or moral obligation to take in these Latinos. This is not true. The United States does indeed have the obligation because many of the immigrants, in addition to fleeing from drug violence, are escaping an economic situation in their homeland directly made hopeless by American interventionist policy.


Freedom Rider: Democrats Unhinged by Korea

MARGARET KIMBERLEY—The Democrats like war, interventions and United States hegemony. They always have. If anyone wants proof they need only look at their collective hissy fit regarding the Trump and Kim summit. Part of the reaction is caused by fear of Trump getting credit for a foreign policy achievement. But Democrats are also true believers in imperialism. The last thing they want to see is any reduction in the American military presence in Korea or anywhere else.