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Empire Loyalists Grieve Resignation Of Moderate Psychopath Nikki Haley

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—But because she only advocates establishment-sanctioned mass murders (and perhaps partly because she wears the magical “Woman of Color” tiara), Haley can be painted as a sane, sensible adult-in-the-room by empire lackeys who are paid to normalize the brutality of the ruling class. While you still see Steve Bannon routinely decried as a monster despite his being absent from the Trump administration for over a year, far more dangerous and far more powerful ghouls are treated with respect and reverence because they know what to say in polite company and never smoked cigars with Milo Yiannopoulos.


Syrian Voices: Exploding the Lies For Truth and Peace

MARK TALIANO—“Many Syrians can tell you stories about the life before the war…before and after 2011… I’ll choose to speak about my profession, how good it was and how clever was the strategy in drug production and administration. I m a pharmacist and I came to Syria in 1989.There were only a few Syrian drugs, most of them were imported from other countries. Gradually things changed. Many drug factories were built and before 2011, Syria was almost independent in the production of the drugs … 95% or more of the drugs were made in Syria, meaning 1. jobs for Syrians 2. low prices for the drugs. Even insulin was produced in Aleppo (I visited that factory 10 years ago … destroyed by ISIS). In general, only infant formula milk and some hormones products were imported. Many factories bought the license from international brands like Novartis, Pfizer… etc. Many of these factories were destroyed…people who worked there were killed or kidnapped or jobless….and many of the drugs disappeared from the market…”


Luciana Bohne discusses Washington’s efforts to subjugate Russia

The US and its accomplices, especially Britain, spent most of the 20th and much of the 21st centuries trying to smother Soviet communism, and now Russia’s reemergence as an independent power. Churchill, an abject and unapologetic colonialist and imperialist strongly advised “the West” to strangle the “Bolshevik baby” in its cradle. The next decades saw cold and hot wars—including the Western-tolerated buildup of a huge German fascist army with the express purpose of having such force defeat and smash the hated communists. Even before the Second World War was finished, he was advising, with plenty of American interest, the notion the USSR should be invaded and nuked. The Anglo-Americans knew all along that Russia would not abide by Washington’s hegemonic ambitions, or its savage capitalism forever mentality.