The stench of McCain is still very much around: The Cancer of Conflict & Other Reflections

These statements by McCain and Graham are not admissions made by normal well-adjusted individuals, but rather by cold, dark hearted sociopaths who generally view the lives of Arabs (along with Slavs, Russians and others) as necessary cannon fodder in theREAD ON

The Price Of Criticizing The State Of Israel

“I’m afraid that that is the way power works. But there is no doubt that power is always influenced by popular movements such as BDS. Ultimately, I believe that the solution is in the United States. Without US backing inREAD ON

Of “Heroes” and “Communist Dictators”

See more at: Since my first meeting with McCain in 2004, I am under no illusion that he is “independent” or not too reprehensible. In a nation of reprehensibles, he is near the top (or bottom) of the dung-heap.READ ON

Instead of Trying to Sabotage the Trump-Putin Meeting, Democrats Should Support Vital Proposals

While many people are eager for constructive dialogue between the United States and Russia, on Capitol Hill the efforts to prevent such a possibility are fierce and unrelenting. Ultra-hawks like Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain are among quite a few RepublicansREAD ON

Washington’s war crimes in Syria

The US military interventions in Iraq and Syria are not aimed at “annihilating” ISIS, itself the product of the 2003 US invasion and occupation of Iraq, followed by Washington’s utilization of Islamist fighters as proxy ground forces in the regime-changeREAD ON

Their Plan Becomes Clear: US Bombs Pro-Government Forces In Syria Yet Again

And this isn’t even America’s only path to regime change invasion in Syria; French president Emmanuel Macron has already warned Russian president Vladimir Putin that there will be military retaliation from NATO against the Syrian government the next time itREAD ON

The U.S.-Jihadist Alliance

  Though there is a ceaseless song-and-dance by the U.S. government pretending to oppose Al Qaeda and the many other jihadist groups that are trained and sometimes also led by Al Qaeda, and though Barack Obama in his first PresidentialREAD ON

The Peace Dividend: A Time to Take Dead Aim and Attack

  Much more recently, there have been less enthusiastic, somewhat limp protest events in the streets of Empire.  In 2003, our Jackson Hole group, protesting the upcoming Iraq War, was herded into a remote churchyard where we wouldn’t bother anyone.  I paintedREAD ON