Freedom Rider: Israeli Meddling and Palestinian Death

MARGARET KIMBERLEY—The killings were caught on camera but the response from the United States, its allies and their friends in corporate media reveal as much as any photography ever will. The massacre was either disappeared as if it never took place, or was described as a “clash.” The BBC, CNN, the New York Times and the rest of their cohort used this word which implies some equality in defense capability when one side, the one with the dead people, was completely unarmed.


Gaza death toll mounts to 18 as US backs Israel’s massacre of Palestinians

BILL VAN AUKEN—These war crimes by the Israeli military enjoy the tacit support of the US government, which blocked a tame resolution put forward by Kuwait in the United Nations Security Council calling for restraint and an “independent and transparent investigation,” while affirming the right to peaceful protest. While the European Union backed the call for an investigation, Europe’s governments have made no significant protest over the mass shootings of civilians in Gaza.