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“Realpolitik”: Merkel Fawns Over Kissinger in Berlin

After a tumultuous week which brought a number of nasty shocks and alarms, including the shooting down of a Syrian ...
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Trump: The ‘Peace’ Candidate

THE DUOPOLY WATCH | Steven Jonas, MD, MPH Crossposted on OpEdNews 6/14/2017 Editor's Note: Admittedly fragile hopes for a reset of US foreign ...
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Jim Kavanagh on Unlearned Lessons: The Wages of Our Sordid Libyan Crimes

Editor's Note: Literally bombarded with zillions of messages, the US public has learned to tune out most of them, so ...
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Resist This: the United States is at War With Syria

by  Jim Kavanagh THE POLEMICIST The United States is at war with Syria. Though few Americans wanted to face it, ...
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The US escalation in Syria and the threat of world war

By Bill Van Auken In the wake of Sunday’s US shoot-down of a Syrian fighter plane and the following day’s ...
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CONFIRMED: US backs down as Russia targets US aircraft in Syria

 ALEXANDER MERCOURIS, FOUNDING EDITOR, THE DURAN As Russia targets US aircraft west of the Euphrates US redeploys aircraft elsewhere allowing ...
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Russia’s Calm, But Firm, Response to the US Shooting Down a Syrian Fighter Jet

by GARY LEUPP Crossposted with Counterpunch Former State Department official Nicholas Burns told CNN Monday morning he’s surprised at Russia’s ...
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Russia’s Not Joking Around: US Reshuffles Forces After Pentagon Expresses Concern for ‘Aircrew Safety’ in Syria

The Pentagon is taking Russia's warning in Syria seriously RI Staff  Safe to fly over Syria? Don't be so quick ...
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Two-Fisted Democracy Power Revisited

Slightly over a year ago I went on record claiming that America was an “endangering and endangered ruination” with ruinous ...
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Bad Memories: The British Government is Unearthing a Sinister Legacy in Seeking Deals with the Democratic Unionists.

Anyone witnessing the recent British election campaign would have noticed pretty quickly that the opposition was hated by much of ...
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US recklessly (and lawlessly) shoots down Syrian plane; Russia says enough is enough.

After numerous efforts by Moscow to find a solution to the Syrian war via good faith diplomacy (a brutal conflict ...
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Russia Announces No-Fly Zone in Syria — War Against U.S. There

SPECIAL BULLETIN So this is what the empire's Neocon policies have brought the world to, actually the brink of nuclear ...
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