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TRENDING LEFT brings you the current essays, news, and analysis from the best left and progressive sites across the world. Our effort here is to give you, in one place, the news, issues, and ideas that get lost in the national issues of the moment, and to introduce you to our comrades in the struggle to inject truth in a world dying from the triumph of the organized lie. Even in the quietest of times, the broad view gets lost. We hope that this page will put in one spot, what is trending in the left blogosphere. This page is under construction. If there is a site you think should be included that we have not added, please submit them to with a few words on why you feel they should be included. Please also follow the rest of The Greanville Post as we simply offer the best authors and analysis around, supported by the best editorial presentations.

The articles—


Europe’s Leaders are Freer than Ours

Dispatches from Deena Stryker Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front Party, is visiting Moscow, dissing the US’s ...
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Crusader-in-Chief: the Strange Rehabilitation of George W. Bush

by CHIP GIBBONS ABOVE: Standing on the south lawn of the White House just days after 9/11, Bush told the ...
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Andre Vltchek All Photos by: Yayoi Segi Ms. Yayoi Segi is based in Beirut, Lebanon, and she has worked in ...
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Lo’ihi Rising:  Hawaii’s History & Future

by John Rohn Hall Eons before our forefathers climbed down from trees, shed vestigial tails, discovered their thumbs, and began walking ...
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America Seeks to Destroy Syrian Civilization, Replace it With Terrorism and Ignorance

By Mark Taliano  Global Research, March 22, 2017 | Region: Middle East & North Africa NATO/GCC/Israeli proxy terrorists in Syria have committed ...
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