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TRENDING LEFT brings you the current essays, news, and analysis from the best left and progressive sites across the world. Our effort here is to give you, in one place, the news, issues, and ideas that get lost in the national issues of the moment, and to introduce you to our comrades in the struggle to inject truth in a world dying from the triumph of the organized lie. Even in the quietest of times, the broad view gets lost. We hope that this page will put in one spot, what is trending in the left blogosphere. This page is under construction. If there is a site you think should be included that we have not added, please submit them to with a few words on why you feel they should be included. Please also follow the rest of The Greanville Post as we simply offer the best authors and analysis around, supported by the best editorial presentations.

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‘Extermination’ and ‘Crematoriums’ in Syrian Prisons – Anatomy of a Smear Campaign

To say evidence is thin would be an enormous understatement – there is none at all Ted Faison, Russia Insider Dateline: Mon, May ...
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Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia

Source : | Translation:   Published on May 28, 2017 Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on May ...
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From Truman to Trump (Extra War, Hold the Peace)

CLASSIC ESSAYS This is a repost. Originally published on January 19, 2017 Seventy years ago president Harry Truman signed the ...
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Taboo Subject in NATO Media: Refugees, America’s Gift to Europe

SPECIAL WEEKEND FEATURE In the latest episode in the never-ending series of indignities, calamities, and disasters to be visited upon ...
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We Know What Inspired the Manchester Attack, We Just Won’t Admit It

by PATRICK COCKBURN In the wake of the massacre in Manchester, people rightly warn against blaming the entire Muslim community ...
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