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Resist This: the United States is at War With Syria

by  Jim Kavanagh THE POLEMICIST The United States is at war with Syria. Though few Americans wanted to face it, this has been the case implicitly since the Obama administration began building bases and sending Special Ops, really-not-there, American troops, ...
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CONFIRMED: US backs down as Russia targets US aircraft in Syria

 ALEXANDER MERCOURIS, FOUNDING EDITOR, THE DURAN As Russia targets US aircraft west of the Euphrates US redeploys aircraft elsewhere allowing Syrian army to capture strategic town of Rusafa. Back in April, in the immediate aftermath of the US cruise missile ...
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Russia’s Calm, But Firm, Response to the US Shooting Down a Syrian Fighter Jet

by GARY LEUPP Crossposted with Counterpunch Former State Department official Nicholas Burns told CNN Monday morning he’s surprised at Russia’s “calm” response to the shooting down of a Syrian government warplane (a Russian built SU 22 jet) in Syrian skies ...
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The New York Times steps up its anti-Russia campaign

Both leading papers in the US, the New York Times and the Washington Post are directly influenced if not outright owned by the CIA and the Pentagon. The rest of the media follow suit. PATRICK MARTIN, SENIOR EDITOR, WSWS.ORG The ...
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For the Earth’s Sake, Drop “Russiagate” Now

by KOLLIBRI TERRE SONNENBLUME The political arena leaves one no alternative, one must either be a dunce or a rogue. (Emma Goldman) I was born in 1969, so the Cold War and the threat of nuclear annihilation were major themes in ...
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The Syrian Nightmare: No End in Sight

 by MIKE WHITNEY CROSSPOSTED AT COUNTERPUNCH.ORG “Washington’s strategic objectives in Iraq and Syria are not those of “fighting terrorism,” but rather consolidating US hegemony over the oil-rich Middle East and preparing for war against the principal obstacles to this objective, ...
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US shoots down Syrian government aircraft

By Peter Symonds, 19 June 2017 In a marked escalation of the war in Syria, a US F-18 fighter jet yesterday shot down a Syrian government fighter bomber for the first time, claiming that it had been attacking pro-US ...
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Upping the Stakes in Syria

The lawless and arrogant US-led coalition keeps adding to its terrorist crimes.  After over six years of US aggression in Syria, falsely called civil war, nothing surprises. On Sunday, Syria’s military said the so-called US-led “international coalition” downed one of its ...
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Merkel attacks latest US anti-Russia sanctions

 ALEXANDER MERCOURIS, THE DURAN German Chancellor Merkel makes clear through her spokesman that she opposes the anti-Russian sanctions bill passed by the US Senate, which threatens Germany's vital economic interests. Shortly after the joint statement of the German and Austrian ...
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The Putin Interviews—Oliver Stone’s Greatest Contribution (Videos)

PATRICE GREANVILLE At a moment of acute global crisis detonated by the decomposing US imperial system and its dangerous and pathetic ruling cliques, Oliver Stone has given the world the portrait of a really great leader. In four hours extracted ...
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Oliver Stone Undresses Putin, Shows the Man Behind the Legend: US media snarls, frowns and yawns.

BY ROBERT PARRY Oliver Stone has done something remarkable, he "tricked" Putin into revealing more of himself than the Russian leader ever intended Before we stumble into a nuclear war and end life on the planet, the American people might want ...
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At “People’s Summit,” Sanders backs Democrats’ anti-Russian warmongering

By Jerry White, 12 June 2017 The “People’s Summit” in Chicago, organized by the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party, concluded on Sunday. The event was sponsored by the National Nurses United (NNU) and other unions that had ...
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