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Resist before you enlist

Before You Enlist! (2006; 2011) a (must-see) compilation by our fraternal site, Dandelion Salad BeforeYouEnlist September 18, 2006 Straight talk from soldiers, veterans and their family members tells what is missing from the sales pitches presented by recruiters and the military’s marketing efforts. *** Updated:


The Beheading Psy-Ops

Western Foreign Policy Based on Sheer Propaganda Vivian Lee, Memoryholeblog [W]ith a rash of “beheadings” sweeping the world, a horrified public is asked to see this depraved barbarity as The New Normal. First we had the August “murder” on video of U.S. journalist James Foley,


Bloated egos: Bono continues to be a bad joke

Bono exposed as a complete fraud Nothing more than a ludicrous jet-setting lapdog for the world’s ruling class. The quintessence of celebrity liberaloids.  By Clark Kent, Hangthebankers.com ‘Bono’s positioning of the west as the saviour of Africa while failing to ­discuss the harm the G8 nations are doing has undermined campaigns for