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The Greanville Post and its sister site, Cyrano’s Journal Today, are grateful for your assistance. Without you it would be very difficult for us to continue publishing. Although none of the editors receives a salary (in fact they contribute from their pockets to the common pot), we do have numerous expenses for server rental, office expenses, technical hardware and support, security, plus legal fees, professional fees, and other matters inherent in publishing a complex webzine.


Remember that you can make small recurrent donations of any size using our PayPal account. For example you could give $3 /month, recurring, and at the end of the year we would have a nifty $36 more to cover our outlays. It does add up. So consider that if you cannot give a hefty amount as you might wish.

In any case, the gesture is what counts, a vote in support or what we do on this site. And by supporting genuine left media you protect your own interests—and those of everything you love—people, animals, nature herself—simply because the corporate media will never do that. Never.


—The Editorial Team

 Just $9 a month makes a helluva difference. Less than 30 cents a day. For information on which our lives depend.



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