This is the world upside down, so brace yourselves. The best of the ignorant, cynical, paranoid, hypocritical right, to remind one and all what we face in this country. The worst part is that at times they make their lies and insanities sound reasonable! Especially when they make big multinationals the target of their paranoias (see #3, for example, about the Illuminati).  Plus many of the fears repeatedly expressed in these materials—like a fear of an American holocaust— are actually historical scripts that originate in the right, not the left. Apparently many of these confused people never figured out that the Fascists were rightwingers.

Guaranteed to make you puke.
1. Jon Voight on Glenn Beck Show
2. Top secret Illuminati Antichrist New World Order Coffins!!!!!!

ACHTUNG! ACHTUNG! (Hmm…that got your attention, uh?)

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