World-class scumbag Ted Nugent at it again

Nugent, a self-indulgent hedonist and reactionary by any standard, with a sick penchant for killing animals.


By Rick Jones

Dateline: Houston 2011-04-02

LIKE MINDLESS CANCER CELLS on a frenzied march to kill their host, some members of the human species are not content merely with raping this planet for personal gain to the point of  breaking down all major life-sustaining ecosystems, they must also cause the death of millions of helpless animals to get their twisted kicks. Behind a thick curtain of self-serving rationalizations, so-called recreational hunters fit this category to a “t”, and few can match Ted Nugent for the sheer dedication he brings to this lethal hobby.


The Strange Case of Compulsive Hunter and Fulltime Asshole Ted Nugent

But killing animals for fun is not the only claim this sorry excuse for a human being has to rank high among world-class scumbags. Nugent’s creds as a reactionary are impressive.  Just recently he filed a “A salute to Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, et al.” In a Washington Times opinion piece, Nugent cheered Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck “and all those who are standing up and speaking truth to corrupt power — the radical leftists (sic) who are temporarily in charge of our government.”  Here’s an excerpt:

The undying appreciation Americans have for Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin speaks volumes about the self-evident truth and logic that remains common and sensible across this great land.  On behalf of so many families with whom I am humbled to share a deep connection, I wish to thank and salute both Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin for speaking for us and representing the pragmatism that drives our quality of life.  Of course, I cannot fail also to salute and thank sincerely… so many other conservative, sensible, courageous and reasonable voices all across this country.

In sum, the world upside down, but that’s “conservatism” for you. In his latest exploit Nugent is now using his celebrityhood to push Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder (who as a businessman and Republican doesn’t need much convincing) to lift rules supposedly hamstringing his favorite “sport”.  Here’s the piece as reported by the Detroit Free Press: