Greanville’s Tweetios—No “serious” issues debated


19 September 13:48

Woody NinetyNiner Konopak says:  
Folks have expressed frustration about the unserious nature of the”issues” in the campaign.

The reason they DON’T debate on matters of substance–the efficacy and purpose of the “war on drugs”; the state of our civil liberties in the wake of the “war on terror”; crushingly and stubbornly high unemployment; the occupation of Afghanistan; growing socioeconomic inequality; a grotesquely inefficient healthcare system; runaway military spending., etc–is because they don’t DISAGREE about anything in these areas.

The disagreements occur in the social/wedge issues, where the consequences are miniscule but the rhetoric is enormous.

Woody NinetyNiner is an independent thinker living in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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