Odessa– the First Pogrom– The Obama Genocide

By George Eliason

Imagine the hypocritical wailing of the Western media if this had been a crime committed by the Russians or their allies.
All brought to you courtesy of clueless American taxpayers’ money. The cover, as usual, is overwhelming propaganda power.

Mr. Obama was right. He is good at killing people- mostly women and children. In Ukraine the first fruits of openly state sponsored genocide is unfolding in front of your eyes. The governments of the “free world” have ignited a holocaust. How else can this be described? What happened in Odessa is what even Hitler was afraid to do. Real people are dying and only real people can save them.


The photos and video speak for themselves. The massacre in Odessa, Ukraine was a pre-planned attack.

Before people were herded into the Trade Union House, Pravy Sektor was already setting up in the building for what can only be described as a crime against humanity.

People were tortured. Women were raped. People were hacked with axes all the while Pravy Sektor under the group Stop Horowitz blocked the exits. At least one small child perished. Some of the survivors were people on their way home from work that were just passing by.

In the aftermath the Kiev government immediately blamed Russia, claiming agents from Russia and Transnisstria were there. They also claimed in the media that their was fighting going on between pro and ant maidan groups. The survivors of the attack are being charged with separatism, which can carry a life sentence.

In this meeting Yulia Tymoshenko gives directions on what is to be accomplished.

 First the veterans need to be attacked. There needs to be bloodshed. Odessa needs to be brought to its knees at the time of the championship(Soccer). We have to coordinate everything now.” question to her- “On the 3rd through the 5th?” – This is the gist of the translation.

On the 9th of May Victory Day is celebrated in Ukraine and this would be the time to attack the veterans in Odessa. Is this another massacre still to come?


In this video the sotnik (leaders of 100’s) are given orders to kill them all

This video shows Pravy Sektor and Stop Horowitz entering the plaza at the Trade Union House in Odessa. It clearly shows the people at the referendum signature drive not doing anything provocative.


As people were herded into the front of the building this video shows at 1:48 a Sotnik yelling from the top of the roof for his people to stop standing around and get busy. At 2:18 they enter the rear of the Customs House armed.

America’s underhanded maneuvers in Ukraine have awakened the ugliness of fascism.


This video shows them inside with gasmasks starting their rampage.

To confuse the situation Pravy Sektors men on the roof started hurling molotov cocktails at their own people as shown in this photo. The armbands are the same as the people below.


Many of the victims were shot . Some like this pregnant woman were strangled. The arrow points to the cord wrapped around her neck. In the videos you can specifically hear her attacked and screaming for help.


This photo shows her assailant looking out of the window where she was found.


People that tried to escape jumped out the windows and were clubbed to death .

Reports started circulating about the use of gas . Survivors spoke about a heavy smell that killed some of the victims instantly Ampules have been found on the scene and it is suspected that HN3-Ammonia gas was used. Many victims were found dead for no immediately apparent reason. NH3 swells the lungs and induces paralysis of the nervous system. Over 100 victims were found in the basement tortured to death. Reports from survivors said people were grabbed and taken there.

Many victims have been found that were tortured to death by pouring gasoline over there heads and lighting them on fire. Notice in the photo only the young mans head and upper torso are burned.


Force yourself to look at this photo. This woman was raped before gasoline was poured over her head and upper torso burning her to death. This is what Victoria Nuland’s cookies paid for. Small children are among the dead and missing.


Some of Pravy Sektors killers were also caught in this trap.


In the aftermath so far 126 bodies were found in the basement of the Customs House that did not suffer from the fire. Outside the building another 200 Odessa residents remain missing. [Update: the latest count exceeds 300.]

Last night the Police Chief of Odessa deputized over 1800 Pravy Sektor members to find and root out “Separatists.” Pravy Sektor is rampaging through Odessa and it is mass slaughter ahead for the large Jewish population here because they speak Russian.

Maxim Sokalov summed it up well in his article today “When the Ghetto Burned”- Odessa pogrom of May 2, 2014 will be one of the blackest pages in Europe (so far rushes new Ukraine) because when supporters set fire to the building of national unity with the people within it and finish off trying to escape from the fire – 1945 Europe did not know this.
As I write this Ukrainian National Guard forces are massacring the population of the village of Semenvika which is on the outskirts of Slovyansk. The junta forces set up concentric rings leading out from the village and at the same time went through the village with heavy machine guns, tanks, and grenade launchers indiscriminately killing residents that are unarmed. Slovyansk forces are taking heavy losses trying to get to the village and protect it.

As the Pogrom started the world sat silent, or silently applauded.

This comment is from a WW2 veteran after reading The Moment of Heroes . How do you think people that sacrificed so much for their country look at this generation for letting this go by? This is the first genocide in history that the Western world is demanding happen. 

” April 5,1944, at the age of 17 1/2, 2 months before the landing in Normandy,I enlisted in the US Army Reserve Corps and did active service later in the Pacific theater. I was born in the nation of the USA with a national administration, congress and supreme court. This Homeland administration,Homeland congress and Homeland court is an insult to my generation.”

He went to war and fought his generation’s greatest threat to humanity. Today the IMF (International Money Fund) for the first time is hinging a loan on what amounts to slaughtering large swathes of a country’s population to support what that generation went to war against.

White House spokesperson Marie Harf gave the Obama administration’s reaction- Kiev shows great restraint. And if you want to comment in Odessa, then a number of dead – it’s awful, and Kiev in any case to investigate. After this horrific incident, Prime Minister has already implemented a number of punitive measures against the leadership of the police in Odessa. It started because the pro-Russian forces and separatists began to attack the protesters.

South east will be pacified or there is no funding. Western governments are telling normal working citizens that they can’t defend themselves from the horrors described above. To that end a 7 mile long armored column arrived in Donbass. This includes tanks, artillery, armored troop carriers, and support vehicles. They are shelling and killing unarmed civilians and the reports are coming in as I write. Slovyansk requested a humanitarian corridor to be established so women and children could be evacuated. This was ignored.

All humanitarian goods like medications and even food are blockaded out of Donbass. Insulin for diabetics is non existent, heart medications are becoming scarce.

If they prescribe this for one country it’s because they say very clearly they have that right at home, your home. Its time for ordinary people to say no.


In Mauriopal Pravy Sektor retook City Hall temporarily by using gas. Fortunately it had an odor. People are in the hospital but all escaped. Residents of Mauriopal retook the building.

I went into town today. I had to go through a few citizens road blocks manned by people that could be from your own neighborhood.

People were on edge but it was quiet. Ten minutes after we left someone on the bus got a call, Pravy Sektor arrived by carloads. Fifteen minutes later in a bus filled mainly with retirees, an attack helicopter ran parallel to us low to the ground until we turned off the road. As the bus entered our town a call came from the mayor, Pravy Sektor was in town demanding peoples passports and tearing them up. Its an easy way to make a Moskal; no identification, no problem.

As I finish this we are waiting for them to show up.

I am mindful of the fact that there is now bounties on the heads of journalists that write about the junta. Phone data is being mined and people are complaining conversations are cut off as soon as politics are mentioned. Two days ago I was scheduled to do an interview by Skype. Five minutes beforehand the internet connection was lost. We hobbled through over the phone. The subject was kept to the days events. After the interview was complete the internet connection returned. It does make you wonder.

There is still time to stop this. Petitions like this one to the European Court on Human Rights is a way people across the world are trying to accomplish this.

This is a petition to call right sektor terrorist group-

There is still time to stop this.

May 9th

May 9th will prove to be a turning point in the Bandera agenda. The 9th is Victory Day for WW2 the former Soviet countries. It is also the day that the Bandera suffered their crushing defeat. They started their military action on the liberation days of important cities. They have already canceled the parades for the war veterans. By all accounts it is expected to be a blood bath.

The governments of the free world have ignited a holocaust. How else can this be described? What happened in Odessa is what even Hitler was afraid to do.


I live in Ukraine. For work I write content and optimize web based businesses across the globe for; organic search results, technical issues, and design strategies to grow their business. I used to be a large project construction specialist. When Fukashima happened my article came out of my experience as both a locked high rad specialist and a penchant for climbing. I was paid to climb a reactor at a sister plant to Fukashima 3 because of a 1 million dollar mistake. My work since then was essential project safety. I have run soil and building support for very large projects.

Make sure many more people see this. It's literally a matter of life an death. Imperial lies kill! Share widely.
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