Texac’s Chronicles from the Donbass Front -No. 9: HOMAGE TO THE FALLEN

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First, allow me to present a musical salute to our fallen comrades.


Black Raven – The Cossack Circle Ensemble—
“For my friend and comrade, Filin, “The Owl”.  R.I.P., Brother”


  =   War Diary by Russell “Texac” Bentley  =  


Homage to the Fallen.
Now it’s Eagle Owl
Fedorov Ruslan Petrovich

The Vostok Brigade Continues to Take Casualties in Washington’s Manufactured War

The 'Novi partisani'. Click on this image for best resolution.

‘Novi partisani’, posing in a frigid morning. “Filin”, “The Owl”.  Instructor for Vostok Brigade at Yasynuvata. That’s him in the middle of the second row, looking down.  He was from Makeevka, DNR.  Died on 16 November defending his homeland against US-backed Nazis.  He was 22 years old and recently married to Julia. RESPECT, Brother. (Click on this image for best resolution).


FILIN (the phonetic spelling of Филин, “Eagle Owl”) was an instructor for the Vostok Brigade at Yasynuvata when I joined the Novorussian Army in December 2014 (see https://www.greanvillepost.com/2015/11/01/texac-chronicle-no-7-there-is-no-water-in-yasynuvata/ ).  He was only 21 years old at the time, but he was already a combat veteran who seemed much older, despite his baby face.  He was someone I respected from the moment I met him. He was a brave and serious soldier and an excellent instructor. He was also a genuinely nice guy.  He was from Makeevka, just outside Donetsk. He was defending the land he was born in from foreign-backed Nazis who were coming here to enslave the Russian speaking people of Donbass. He refused to be a slave and was willing to fight and die to protect others. He was a quiet guy who led and encouraged others by his own example. He was brave, kind and generous.  He was exactly the kind of guy this world needs more of.  Fedorov Ruslan Petrovich, “Eagle Owl” will be missed.”


Eagle Owl

“Fedorov Ruslan Petrovich. Not just a friend of mine, or of Novorossiya, this Hero was an example and a friend to all good people in the world.  We will build a monument to Heroes like this, hopefully in Kiev after we liberate it.”—Texac


Fedorov, with his bride.

Ruslan, with Julia, his bride.

Weddings militia gang ‘Vostok’. TV ‘SV – DNI,’ Issue 230
Ruslan’s Wedding: Civil Ceremony
The people in arms. Life must go on.
Nothing extravagant, nothing grotesquely excessive. But touching in their honesty, comradeship and simplicity.  What a contrast with the decadent West.


Married to Julia in 2014


Graham William Phillips at the wedding of Ruslan and Julia



inHisCoffinThe end—for now.  Nos veremos, compañero!

Novorossiya will endure.
The people rise against the Kiev usurpers.

Published on Mar 10, 2015

This video features a famous song by David Bowie. At the beginning of the video you can see marches supporting Russia that took place in the South-East of Ukraine where the Russian-speaking population is predominating. The marches were a response to Euromaidan in Kiev, where there was Russophobia and elements of neo-Nazism. The video shows us how ordinary people rose up against the violation of their rights and freedoms; against neo-Nazism and political persecution; how ordinary people became warriors; became a heroes, and it doesn’t matter that only for a one day.


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