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Consuming Syria “news”: caveat emptor

The shameless Western propaganda offensive to topple Pres. Assad has used some of the vilest and most cynical methods imaginable, anything that could fool the Western public, particularly the Americans, on whose awareness so much depends but who are also the easiest people to hoodwink, given their legendary ignorance and gullibility. Some of the sources used by the whore media are not just questionable, they are laughable, people and outfits that no serious editor would touch. Consider the important-sounding “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”. If the label conjures up a big organisation with scores of staffers and a solid reputation to match, well you would be bloody wrong. The vaunted “Observatory” is just one guy holed up some place in London, literally operating out of his flat, demonstrably compromised for his clear links to British and American intelligence not to mention undeniable bias—he’s clearly pro imperialist and against Assad, Russia, etc.—who has the audacity—or, let’s say his handlers, the secretive people who set him up—to purport to know what’s really going on in the ever shifting Syrian battlefields. The whole thing is ludicrous to any fair witness. First, if this guy manages to routinely obtain invaluable information about the Syrian conflict, from terrorist-controlled areas where no career Western presstitute dares to go, who’s feeding him this information?

Le Mesurier: Have lies, will travel.

Elementary reason would say the terrorists themselves, that’s who, and the state parties who put these terrorists in business—the US cabal—for why else would they be collaborating with this conduit to Western public opinion on whom they depend to sustain and legitimate their criminal activities? Second, if that elementary logic did not suffice, think of this: With the takfiris normally encircled or harassed by loyal Syrian forces and purportedly constantly under attack by the militaries of the US-led coalition, such forces supposedly engaged in fighting the terrorists…(that’s a bald-faced lie but let’s that set aside for the moment), how do the terrorists relay their messages to the Observatory through such a thick wall of hostile parties? Obviously the fact they do strongly indicates that not only is the “Observatory” a terminally biased source, but that the Western governments are also involved in this campaign of lies up to their eyeballs. And then take The White Helmets, another source from which the western media take a lot of the Syria “news” they breathlessly transmit to their captive audiences. This nefarious propaganda asset, officially known as The Syrian Civil Defense (Syria already had and has a legitimate organisation with similar name that does not employ murderers and disinformers in its ranks) is the brainchild of a shady British ex-mercenary and military operative, James Le Mesurier. The White helmets have received ample funding and p.r. support from the UK and CIA, not to mention other shady private sources, and have been—as we could expect— constantly lionised by the media as heroes, Gandhis in the battlefield, who merited an endorsement for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016 among other ridiculous notions). This is the information offal being circulated by the Western presstitutes about Syria as “the truth”. Extreme caution is indicated.— P. Greanville 

US-led Western media reports on what’s going on read like Pentagon or CIA press releases – all presenting the same narrative. Russia and Syria are disgracefully blamed for war crimes committed by US-supported terrorists – supplied with heavy Western and Israeli weapons.

The war was launched by Obama, continued by Trump, regime change and destroying Syrian sovereignty its objective – this and other vital information suppressed by media scoundrels.

Here’s a sampling of Western propaganda headlines:

NYT: “When No Place Is Safe: Sheltering Under Siege in Syria” – the Times turning truth on its head, falsely blaming Assad for US-led aggression on his country, calling terrorists “rebels,” pretending their violence is just.

Washington Post: “As Syria bloodshed continues, UN delays vote on emergency cease-fire” – claiming it’s “to halt the Syrian army’s furious blitz,” falsely blaming its forces for high crimes committed by US-supported terrorists.

Wall Street Journal: “Syria’s White Helmet Rescuers Capture Destruction in Eastern Ghouta.” They’re al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, not civil defense “rescuers.”

AP News: “Airstrikes on Suburbs of Syrian Capital Claim More Lives” – Shelling by terrorists are responsible, not Syrian or Russian aircraft.

Reuters: “UN Security Council delays vote on Syria ceasefire resolution” – quoting neocon extremist Nikki Haley tweeting: “Unbelievable that Russia is stalling a vote on a ceasefire allowing humanitarian access in Syria” – suppressing why a vote was delayed, its unacceptable text not changed.

Los Angeles Times: “World powers press for cease-fire in Syria, but UN doesn’t act” – repeating the Big Lie, claiming Syrian warplanes are “bombard(ing)” residential areas.

The Qatari dictatorship-owned and controlled Al Jazeera has been featuring daily propaganda reports on Eastern Ghouta, disgraceful rubbish.

On Saturday, it said over 400 civilians were killed in recent days, around 2,100 others injured – the London-based, Western funded Syrian Observatory for Human Rights one-man, anti-Syria propaganda operation its source.

Other information comes from White Helmets, allied with anti-Syria terrorists.

Al Jazeera correspondent James Bays disgracefully denigrated Syrian UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari for explaining vital truths during a Security Council session, saying:

He “stoutly defend(s) his government and whatever it does,” turning truth on its head adding:

“He is representing a government that is breaching international law – effectively many would say carrying out war crimes.”

Washington, its rogue allies, and their imperial foot soldiers bear full responsibility for crimes of war and against humanity.

Al Jazeera and other media propaganda reports irresponsibly blame Syria and Russia for high crimes they commit.

Endless war rages with no prospect for resolution any time soon because Washington wants war and regime change, not peace and stability restored.


Examples of disinformation distributed as real journalism
This filth has been going on for some time but has gained momentum again in the last few weeks. Breathless reporting of “regime atrocities” by the intrepid reporters—at one remove—serving the empire. They always omit the most essential truths, thereby denying real context to make a judgment, as that would automatically condemn the West and not the supposed perps in these stories. 

• CBS this morning (controlled by the Sumner Redstone clan)

Syrian civilians “waiting for death” amid government airstrikes

Published on Feb 21, 2018

Syrian government forces backed by Russian airstrikes are bombarding a rebel enclave on the outskirts of Damascus for a fourth day. More than 250 people are reported dead in the assault on the heavily-populated area. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

• By CNN (Controlled by US plutocrats)

Thousands besieged in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta 

Published on Nov 26, 2017

• By Aljazeera (controlled by US-allied Qatari despots)

🇸🇾 Civilian death toll rising in Syria’s eastern Ghouta


In eastern Ghouta dozens of people died on Monday in rocket and air-strikes. Local observers say the attacks are a prelude to a major offensive on the rebel-held territory, which has been under siege since 2013. Since the end of last December, a stepped-up government campaign killed more than 400 civilians, including at least 100 children. The Syrian government and its allies haven’t taken ground but over the years they have continuously bombarded residential neighbourhoods over the years. The fear now is that the numbers will only rise if a wide-scale attack begins in the region, where hundreds of thousands of people are trapped. Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut.

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