Russell Bonner Bentley, aka “Texac”, is an American-born writer and volunteer soldier currently serving with the Novorossiyan Armed Forces (NAF), as the young republics in Eastern Ukraine confront the assault of the US-created and nazi-dominated Kiev regime.  Russell incarnates the spirit of the Lincoln Brigades, and Jack Reed. Besides his duties as a frontline fighter, Russell also works as a war correspondent. His chronicles about the situation in that strategically critical region, featured as “War Diaries” on The Greanville Post, are also distributed to other leading left publications, reaching a global audience. From January to June 2015, he was a soldier in the Essence of Time combat unit of the Novorussian Armed Forces (NAF). He served at the Donetsk airport and Spartak as a rifleman and RPG gunner. Texac is now doing Information Warfare for the Donetsk People's Republic. His team is supported ONLY by contributions from friends around the world. They operate on a shoestring budget with few resources. They need cameras, computers, microphones, a smart phone, a guitar, bulletproof vests and helmets, as well as daily operating expenses for things like taxi fare and food. You can donate to them via Paypal, contact him at russellbbentley@gmail.com, or visit the donation page. A repository of Texac articles can be found here.