Glenn Greenwald warns: MSNBC a deep state propaganda extension of the corrupt CIA


By Ethan Huff

When people think of fake news, CNN is often the first name that comes to mind. But Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept warns that MSNBC is equally as fake – if not more fake – than CNN, as evidenced by its shameless hiring of “experts” who are merely paid shills for the Democratic Party.

MSNBC disinformer Joy Reid. Arrogant and shameless, as the job requires.

In a recent piece on the subject, Greenwald offers up a history lesson in what MSNBC did to Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who ran third-party against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

MSNBC chief Phil Griffin with rabid russiagater Rachel Maddow. It’s Griffin who oversees this scummy outfit’s nonstop torrent of lies. The public rarely sees these corporadoes, but it is they who run the show behind the curtain.

During a segment on Joy Reid’s show, Malcolm Nance, a former Navy intelligence officer turned MSNBC “intelligence analyst,” made the claim that Stein is on Russia’s payroll, and that she “has a show on Russia Today,” an English-language news outlet that describes itself as bringing “the Russian view on global news.”

Not only has Stein never had a show on Russia Today as Nance claimed, but she also has no known ties to Russia. But neither MSNBC nor Reid has ever corrected the record, despite having been called out in multiple instances for lying to the cable network’s viewers in order to steer more votes toward Clinton.

Nance wasn’t reprimanded or punished, either, and was instead given a promotion that advanced his career within the MSNBC hierarchy. He now continues to spew lies on MSNBC on a regular basis, as viewers are encouraged to believe everything he says because he’s an “expert” – not to mention the many other “experts” that MSNBC has hired over the years with ties to the corrupt CIA.

“On MSNBC, lies are not corrected; they are rewarded, provided the lies are designed to smear the reputations of Democratic Party critics,” Greenwald writes. “Is this not definitive and conclusive proof of that: that this is not a news outlet but a political arm of the Democratic Party? What else could possibly explain, let alone justify, behavior like this? I’m asking that earnestly.”

MSNBC is proud to spread fake news lies

Nance: reckless provocateur serving the most repugnant forces on the planet. Big muscles but puny ethics. It figures he should have a career with MSNBC.

More recently, Nance actually misrepresented Greenwald himself to MSNBC‘s viewership. Following a recent trip to Russia to meet with Edward Snowden, as well as sit in on a panel moderated by Russia Today Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan, Greenwald discovered that Nance had retold the same lie about himself that he did about Jill Stein.

Simply for attending the panel – for which he wasn’t even paid, by the way – Greenwald was accused by Nance of being “an agent of Moscow,” and being ” deep in the Kremlin pocket” – a lie that Nance shamelessly “tweeted” to his roughly 420,000 Twitter followers.

“Obviously, anyone is free to criticize people who decide to visit Russia,” Greenwald writes.

“Anyone is free to denounce those who speak with RT … And, needless to say, anyone is free to attack or dispute any statements or views that I, or anyone else, express as part of such discussions. Nance did none of that.”

In truth, part of the reason why Greenwald was even in Russia in the first place was to combat what he describes as a “toxic, dangerous, and xenophobic perception” that many people on the left have about Russia – which has driven many of them to regard even the mere act of visiting Russia as being somehow treasonous.

And this is exactly what Nance did to Greenwald, right down to his insinuation that Greenwald has “masters” in Russia to whom he has to report.

“None of Nance’s statements here is opinion,” Greenwald emphasizes.

“These claims – especially that I am an ‘agent of Moscow’ and ‘deep in the Kremlin pocket’ – are intended to be factual statements: that I work for, and am paid by, Russia and the Kremlin, and that I aided Snowden in ‘defecting’ to Moscow. They are all outright lies. There is no other way to describe them.”

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