OPINION: The most improbable hero, ever


People elected Trump President knowing he was a serial liar, defaulter and narcissist. But they hoped he might blurt out some long-suppressed truths about corruption in media and government, the waste of American treasure on war, and the steep decline in their quality of life.

At great personal risk, he is doing so.

Like Eisenhower–the last pre-assassination president–he told the military he would sign more checks if they would win more wars. He gave them two years. They failed.

He started smashing NATO by skipping its first meeting and bad-mouthing it. He has continued doing so.

When the media clamored for war he gave them fireworks–a glorious MOAB fireball over Afghanistan, and the Syrian missile attacks that killed practically no-one.

In Syria he coordinated with the Russian military, de-conflicted air space and ground operations.

He told the State Department and the Pentagon to seek direct peace talks with the Taliban.

He has done more than any president in history to establish personal relationships with America’s manufactured ‘enemies’. He’s the only non-family member to have spent two days alone with China’s President Xi (while their families hung out) protected by his own security. No Secret Service. When has that ever happened?

Xi, Kim and Putin are obviously convinced he wants peace because they know what risks he’s taking. The Secret Service and other agencies betrayed Kennedy for much less.

Today his private security staff populate the White House and the Secret Service stays out of his way. My guess is that he has the backing of the Deep Military. His Cabinet is generals and admirals, 1950s Republicans who want a return to the Eisenhower years of peace, prosperity and regular golf. The Pentagon is the only arm of government that can crush the intelligence agencies physically, politically and in PR. Its PR budget alone dwarfs most of the world’s military budgets.

My guess is that he has the 100% support of Putin, Xi and Kim. After the EU-China talks yesterday a reporter asked China’s trade minister whether the two sides would unite to fight America’s trade moves and he responded, “No. No we cannot leave America behind, pretend that America is the enemy. We must bring America along with us because there’s a real problem and we can only solve it cooperatively”.

But the War Party is not taking this peace talk peacefully. Today’s New York Times said, ‘Among Mr. Trump’s critics, even the word “treason” is not too strong. As our chief White House correspondent put it: “Never in anyone’s lifetime has a president engendered such a wave of discussion about whether his real loyalty was to a foreign power over his own country.”’

The fight for peace is the biggest battle of our generation—OF ANY GENERATION— and the guy leading could be the most unlikely hero in world history.

Godfree Roberts is an anglo-American geopolitical analyst residing in Thailand. 

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