Il-20: No Apology From Tel-Aviv! – Special Reports From Syria and Israel


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Please note the refreshing, no nonsense tone of the reports, especially the second one (60 Minutes).
It’s clear Israel gets away with these dastardly provocations because it’s hiding behind the skirts of NATO, and the specter of WW3. Not to mention Russia’s very heavy pro-Israel 5th column.

Published on Sep 18, 2018

The latest news: the situation with the Russian airplane that was shot down. Israel is fully responsible for the crash of the airliner and the deaths of the crew. This statement was voiced by Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu during his phone conversation with the Israeli Defence Minister.

Il-20: No Apology From Tel-Aviv! – Special Reports From Syria and Israel

Published on Sep 18, 2018

A Russian airplane has been shot down in Syria. 15 crew members were killed. The tragedy was the result of Israel’s horrible provocation. Last night, at about 11 PM Moscow time, four F-16 fighter jets attacked Syrian military facilities and simply used a landing Russian airplane as a shield.

And below, similar report by

And the opinion of one who reflects the opinion of many around the world, including inside Russia:

Hissam Ullah
Putin is losing his credibility as a strong leader in dealing with Zionist Israel. He is allowing Netanyahu to get away with terrorism.



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