Of Deep State Media Puppets, American Elections and Non-Americans’ Interest in What We Do

Actually there is no need to imagine. It's happening already.

Patrice Greanville

Deep State Media Puppets (DSMPs) are the term I reserve for the so-called journalists, editors, tv producers and “experts” who seek to influence the American consciousness 24/7 in the service of the US and global plutocracy, which in turn dictate US foreign and domestic policy. In the American media and much of the Western media this encompasses practically all the top personnel, from owners to the frontline faces and bylines the people are familiar with. In your Internet travels you may have bumped into other equally efficient labels: stenographers to power, presstitutes (Paul Craig Roberts favorite), media whores, media hacks, disinformers, CIA shills, Fake News providers, mind managers, etc. You can probably coin your own. The labels sound insulting because they are meant to be. These people are almost uniformly slime. That said, short of a real revolution and the construction of mass media designed to really serve the people, there’s not much we can do about this crowd, truly accomplices in many horrid crimes, but getting a clear idea of what they are and how they distort our behaviour for the worse is a good place to start.

Do no forget the new court jesters

While doing your little census of the enemies of truth and mental independence, do remember that all establishment disinformers, as mass communicators, also include comedians. Making you laugh sounds harmless enough, but it is a sure and painless way to inject a political viewpoint, and some of the greatest comedians have done precisely that, albeit for progressive reasons. The main exponent of this strain of comedy in recent memory is George Carlin, reincarnated in the young Lee Camp, who is also a great and dedicated activist covering many urgent causes, along with the invaluable Jimmy Dore. Camp and Dore are the exception, however.  Both in political lucidity and topical breadth. On the other hand, in the age of cynical all-out imperialist globalism the establishment comedians are all sellouts. And overwhelmingly Democrat, too, a fitting political coordinate for people wittingly or unwittingly enthusiastically marching in the ranks of today’s sanctimonious War Party. Put in that basket Bill Maher, Steve Colbert, John Oliver, and many others. Propelled in most cases by careerism, most of these obviously know quite well what they are doing; others, out of intellectual laziness, probably follow the mainstream brainwash. Either way, they do disseminate toxic messages, so keep your eyes open and your guard up. Even if you get an occasional laugh.

Below a sampler of  DSMPs you probably admit routinely into your home.

CBS Norah O’DonnellChuck Todd, NBC Meet the PressCBS John Dickerson
Martin Baron, Editor, WaPoDean Baquet, Editor, NYT
Wolf Blitzer, CNN
Chris Cuomo, CNN
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC
Joe Scarborough  MSNBC
Brian Williams NBC
Sean Hannity, FoxNeil Cavuto, Fox
Bill Maher, HBOLester Holt, NBCLeslie Stahl, CBS
Diane Sawyer, ABCScott Pelley, CBS
Stephen Colbert, CBS
John Oliver, HBO
Sarah Silverman
Jake Tapper, CNN

Objectivity is for suckers
Our comrade in rescuing people from the imperialist matrix, Caitlin Johnstone, provides some useful quotes:

While reflecting on the viability of genuine impartiality, do check this piece by Alex Cockburn, which simply demolishes much of this modern “professional journalist” conceit:

The Political Function of PBS —When tedium is totalizing

The ugly wages of mind management

DSMPs as those you see in this sampler keep the American people disorganised, confused and often flailing at each other. They also constantly (as does the whole capitalist media system) foster selfishness, indifference to the plight of foreigners (our obnoxious ethnocentrism is carefully hidden behind enormous faux demonstrations of American charity and concern, including well organised racialist and identity politics outbursts), involvement in endless abject distractions—from obsessions with sports to fawning over celebrities— and a host of other idiotic and indefensible priorities.

The cumulative weight of such noxious brew for the mind and spirit frequently creates a feeling of disempowerment and apathy. A malaise many Americans notice but are usually unable to define. Which is exactly the way the 0.00001% class of billionaire puppeteers like it. Leaving little to chance, and to insure that the fix is complete, in the crucial political field the shameless media hacks are also instructed to keep the US population safely within the bounds of the Lesser Evil hoax. The illusion of democratic choice must be preserved, after all. Periodic meaningless elections need to be staged and attended to maintain systemic legitimacy. It’s truly a downright demonic system of social control. And the more astonishing part is that, while some components have been put in place deliberately, by fully aware ruling circles searching for this outcome, much of this infernal machine evolved “naturally”, so to speak, out of the central dynamic of capitalism and collateral scientific and technological development.

It is certainly a distressing picture. And one of the hardest things to observe is the number of wonderfully decent people in the United States who unwittingly support history’s greatest malignancy: the smug, self-centered American Way of Life and its imperialist outgrowth.

In the vast majority of cases Americans do not realise and the media fail to properly remind them (properly being the key operative word here, it takes considerable repetition to get a counter-matrix idea to stick) what their government is doing abroad, in their name, behind glowing euphemisms, or, as is the case with the current unfolding ecocide, not doing at all, that is the complete failure to adopt prompt, extensive and ambitious mobilisations in industry and society to at least attempt a reduction in the planetary costs of the oncoming capitalogenic catastrophe.

Despite this ugly reality, or perhaps because the crisis is so immense, more and more Americans—out of sheer instinctive decency and the natural wish to escape —are overcoming these cultural trammels and emerging into the blinding light of a liberated information sphere. For the rest of the world, suffering the fruits of American exceptionalism, this awakening cannot come too soon. It’s hadly surprising, therefore, that this “mind liberation” process in the US is watched with such deep interest by non-Americans around the world. And well they might, since they are the unhappy recipients, after all, of the myriad ways in which our political innocence continues to enable the ghastliest crimes to be visited in their homes.

The always eloquent Emilios George Ades Georgiades has given us a compelling insight into this widely shared sentiment among people of many nationalities across the globe, which I reproduce below. Read it and reflect upon it. It’s about our undeniable personal responsibility. Then do something to help neutralise the power of the mind managers. For the sake of those we victimise so cavalierly, and for our own sake. Believe me, it is time.


Emilios George Ades Georgiades

Why do I bother with who gets elected in US elections? Why do any of us who have no right to vote in that country bother?

That’s a question I’m frequently asked by some Americans who see my posts as “meddling” in their domestic affairs.

The answer is simple. Who you (Americans) vote for, affects me, it affects us, all of us irrespective of where we live. There may be little chance that you, as Americans, will have Bombs dropped on your heads from American planes, but that has been standard practice for the rest of us for at least the last 7 decades…. .

….and its not just your planes, ships, tanks and missiles. It’s your sanctions and embargoes that can starve us to death or expose us to the appetites of your minions whom you shield against legal repercussions on an International level. Your representatives can and often make use of the political and economic powers that the overgrown child known as the USA affords them.

Why do you think US Embassies are the biggest in every country and built like fortresses? Even in countries where there’s no significant American ex-pat community. What do you imagine takes place in those fortresses. Why so much security surrounding your diplomatic missions? I can assure you, it is not because we “envy you your freedoms” and wish to harm you out of spite.

It pains me to see that so few Americans are actually aware of what their country does to the world. It’s frustrating to realise that those that have the power of life and death over us all, have the maturity and arrogance of spoilt 8 year-olds.

It’s disappointing to read from otherwise decent Americans that “we will win this time” and know that the “we” does not refer to “we the people” but to “our chosen team” . A team that will play its own game and, win or lose, neither the American public nor the world at large will benefit from the outcome; quite the opposite in fact. It’s disheartening to hear them echo what those in power drum into their heads through the carefully controlled MSM.

” Trump is a joke and an embarrassment.” I won’t argue with that but, what did “your side/team” offer the world as an alternative? Did you give yourselves and the rest of us a better choice? I can laugh with a joke, but nothing Hillary Clinton did would even bring a smile to my face; except maybe lose elections.

Those of us who don’t live in the US couldn’t care less whether you’re free to parade with plastic vaginas on your heads. You want to keep killing each other with guns that your Constitution permits you to possess? That’s OK by us too. We are more concerned about you killing us who have done nothing to you. Some of us live in countries the names of which the average undereducated American cannot pronounce properly and very few can even find on a map.

LEAVE US ALONE, and we will restrict our interest in your politics to that of idle curiosity. BUILD YOUR WALL and build it high, build it long. Not to keep us out, so much, as to keep your homicidal insanity in.

Until then, your politics is my politics, your chosen “leaders” are my tyrants and your vote is my vote, so I’ll try to influence you as much as I can.

About the Author
Patrice Greanville, founding editor of The Greanville Post, is also a longtime media critic and first editor of Cyrano’s Journal, America’s first radical media review.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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10 thoughts on “Of Deep State Media Puppets, American Elections and Non-Americans’ Interest in What We Do

  1. Yes that is all too true and frightening. Back in the 70’s I think there was a saying to the effect : tune in, turn on and drop out. We bought 75 acres of woods in Maine and got involved in the Helen and Scot Nearing inspired ( largely) back to the land movement, self sufficient farming, inter state land conferences, still I think a viable idea, and what has to happen to transform this chemical farming, no plot larger than maybe 75 acres, live like the Amish or a close variation. Small is beautiful. Decentralize things. Organic gardening. part of any solution. There is no magic wand to wave over this mess, it’s way beyond disheartening, nothing learned after murdering 3 million in Korea and around 6 million in the Vietnam region, no remorse, no understanding or reflection. Like the Indians ( who no longer exist ), don’t look back. Like Obama, just look forward ! Move on, nothing to see here, those people are all dead so no point in worrying about it now ! The American way. MAGA !

  2. “DSMPs as those you see in this sampler keep the American people disorganised, confused and often flailing at each other.” Yup. We’ve fallen for it over and over again.


    Indeed! How effective this strategy of information tyranny is, can be measured by how fast we are going backwards in every respect. But remember: We do have a choice. It’s a matter of focus, clarity, self-discipline. Recognizing that these qualities may be in short supply among the general public, it’s incumbent on those of us who still have control of our cerebral functions and have managed to keep enough of the disinformation at bay to have a clear vision of a future without perpetual war, capitalist exploitation, ecocide, and flagrant denial of basic human rights, to be out front leading the weary confused masses.

    The reason that so many people get behind the Orange Maggot is easy to understand: Though his message is simple-minded, ill-conceived, often self-contradictory, and brazenly ignorant, he puts SOMETHING out there. Nature abhors a vacuum and so does a desperate populace. ‘Not Trump’ and ‘Down With Plutocracy’ is not an agenda. Let’s see the plan. I’ve offered mine. Both goals and method.


    Apparently not good enough. So come up with something better.

    If we build it, they will come.

    1. I checked out your 10 commandments, certainly an improvement over the other 10 and speaks much more directly to the times. If only you had a magic wand. In the mean time all people can do is beat the drums, make some noise like they do on this site, if ever I hit the lotto, and when it get up there I do chip in a bit, there are several dozen sites like this I would put on some sound financial footing.

      1. Appreciate the endorsement. The ten represent the goal, the methodology is referenced in the other two links. Yes, the approach is electoral but it’s more hardball than anything else out there. It makes outsiders electable by putting them on the same page with voters. If that doesn’t work, there’s the pitchforks.

  3. There is little one can add to this very explicit and brilliant expose of the very corrupt US media. Their power especially over the television tube is appalling and abhorrent, because it does not reflect public opinion, but is a constant drumming on the same points in order to drive these untruths home into the skulls of the viewers. The so called ‘news’ channels do their very best to influence public judgments and are without doubt responsible for much of what goes on politically in the US. And the public is by now so conditioned that they may believe almost anything that is being produced by the ‘news’ rooms, such as Russian meddling into US voting booths and results. If only such were true then there might be some sense in the voting efforts, but with the deliberately skewed rules such as the electoral college, what can one expect in the form of even a rudimentary democratic machinery. As for the constant petty and vicious drumming on Trump, let us realize that this man (obnoxious as he may be in the eyes of those conventionally eyeless and deaf in Gaza) has excoriated the media openly and called them the enemy of the people, which they undoubtedly are. And that is exactly where the media are the continuation of the bad high school (and even college) indoctrination, reason why one should be extra vigilant about liberals of every sort and hue, even the ones in radical sheep clothing. Their brain washing is so complete, filling all tiny holes left untouched by propaganda, that they are unable to see their own delusions. That is the main cultural problem that almost all USA-ers share. One can explain till the end of days what their fine country is all about without touching even a single sensitive or cognitive chord. Thus, truncated these pseudo-zombies cannot see or hear the cries it causes abroad, nor truly understand what it does to the minorities within its borders. The petty bourgeois hordes are not unwilling nor cruel but blind, deaf and dumb. As most victims of the US inland and abroad would say: ‘let them drown in their lack of insight, plodding to find meaning in a life that is totally mechanized and predetermined, we the poor in mind and pocket have soul, even in feeling sorry for the robots’.

  4. Much as I appreciate TGP, I was rather shocked (and depressed) to see TGP engage in heavy-handed censorship of my own comments about my own strategy for taking on Democrats–and their DSMPs. Treating today’s “criminally insane” Republicans (Chomsky’s well-substantiated description) as an intolerable evil is NOT to become an apologist for the Democrat electoral extortionists who enable them. But any strategy–no matter how well intentioned–that results in electing Republicans WILL utterly discredit the parties backing it. For both objectively valid (largely climate related) and “Democrat smear machine” reasons. Anyone who makes this argument is a FRIEND of leftist strategy, not a Democrat apologist. The time to discredit Democrats is NOW–by organizing a movement against their leadership mafia BETWEEN elections.

    1. TGP has not engaged in any censorsip, let alone of your opinions. We have not seen the materials you allude to. TGP is a big but grostesquely understaffed site under almost continuous attack by the Deep State minions, and for a year now at least, Google, Facebook and otehr social media. Because of that, besides the regular editing job, we need to foot all manner of daily technical issues, some ofthem quite complicated and time-consuming. So before jumping to conclusions just do us the comradely courtesy of sending us a mail and ask for a clarification.

      1. Patrice, I made a comment which cited my two most recent strategy articles (which TGP has not seen fit to print). I made it as a comment under the piece you posted discussing lesser-evil voting–particularly Paul Street’s views, which I happen to agree with. However, my pieces, unlike Street’s, show how we can fiercely attack Democrats while accepting the disgusting necessity of voting for them. My comment INSTANTLY disappeared.

        Here are links to my two strategy articles: https://dissidentvoice.org/2018/11/how-the-rats-revolt-ratting-out-democrats-electoral-extortion/ and https://www.nationofchange.org/2018/11/05/ratting-out-chuck-schumer-democrats-low-profile-teflon-don/

        I think it takes a very closed ideologue mind to see an apologist for Democrats in EITHER of these articles.

  5. Thank you Comrade Patrice. Your words in this article ring with truth and your deeply felt passion. While reading it many thoughts jumped through my mind, and I will re-read your article again several more times to unpack every morsel of wisdom.

    While reading it a thought jumped into my mind that I deeply feel every time there is a well-publicized tragedy in the US:

    { One Marine walks into a California bar and shoots dead 12 people and there is a great outpouring of publicity and compassion. Another Marine “Mad Dog” Mattis kills hundreds of people every day, and most of it goes unreported, and there is no outpouring of outrage and compassion for the victims and their families.}

    At the moment I have nothing else to say because I am emotionally distraught and angry just from writing the above.

  6. The USA is a fine example of what a totalized industrialization has wrought. Machine culture means making people part of a well-oiled social structure where all parts are interchangeable, ergo all with the same thoughts and feelings. Thus robotized they will need nothing and feel nothing. The move back to a more natural state of humankind is preceded by such as Che Guevara in Maine and Rachel In Japan.
    There will be hope….

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