Obama: The worst US president ever


Yes, I mean it: the worst ever!

We’ve had James Monroe and his doctrine of supremacy over Latin America. We’ve had Theodore Roosevelt and his invasion of Cuba; Nixon, Reagan, Bush-Bush and their mass murders, all the war crimes and genocide committed by most presidents. Yes, but we never had a black man sit on the white throne of imperialism war crimes.

And there he was, murdering even more people in Afghanistan than Bush, backing coups in Latin America, continuing to undermine Iraq, sending drones, mercenaries, saboteurs to Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Uganda, Libya and Syria. He bored deeper into several African countries, rich with oil and minerals, than his white predecessors, Democrats and Republicans. The US is eliminating all the few secular governments that there were in the Middle East and North Africa. Obama was busier fulfilling total Usamerican world domination than even Bush, Reagan and Nixon.

He is THE president for US corporations. With his black Kenyan roots he could always walk into Africa’s rich parlors and black White houses and communicate with these butchers better than any of the capitalist class’ other presidents, all white.

Obama is worse than them, because he betrays and betrayed all his black “brothers and sisters” in the US, all except a few rich and opportunistic ones. He was the hope; he would improve their lot, and that of the poor, the working people. He did nothing. Instead, he took from them to give to the rich, the worst criminals on Wall Street, the war arms industry, the oil and mineral industries. Many of his economic advisors were from Wall Street. His top militarists, Homeland Security thugs, and CIA killers are some of those that Bush used, and most of them Republicans.

He had the hero Bradley Manning tortured. He sought to destroy Wikileaks and Julian Assange. [Something the Deep State, which Obama served and still serves loyally, and gets grotesquely rewarded for, is still very much set on accomplishing.—Ed]

I gave a speech in front of the US embassy in Copenhagen when Obama was to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, for Chrissakes! Here are excerpts:

We live in a state of permanent war and Obama continues this system, as he must, because no president of the USA can significantly moderate or abolish that brutal system. It is of no consequence what one’s color, gender or sexual preference is. Changing or abolishing capitalism and imperialism can only occur when gigantic numbers of production and service workers wake up and fight for such. And we must do so with our own political parties not the dominating capitalist parties, Democratic or Republican, or in Denmark with the current array of political parties.

Tomorrow this black president for capitalism and its wars-for-profit will receive the so-called Nobel Peace Prize. This is an absurd hypocrisy, even more so as it occurs just days after he announced sending 30,000 more murdering US troops to Afghanistan where the resistance forces, fighting for their country’s legitimate sovereignty, will righteously receive them with weaponry.

The media fails to mention that this is the second time Obama has sent additional troops to Afghanistan. Within his first 100 days in office, he ordered an additional 17,000 troops to supplement the 38,000 then present. Soon, there will be nearly 100,000 US troops and some 40,000 more from other countries, including the Banana Republic of Denmark.

While Bush was tied down in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama takes up imperialism’s demand for blood in Latin America. The nine ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Latin America) countries have formed a cooperative trade, political and social network in the past five years and are making deep inroads into capitalism’s territory. Bush was powerless to combat this development started by Cuba and Venezuela, in 2004. But the “black” president saw a weak link in Honduras where the oligarchy and the thoroughly US-dominated military organized a coup d´etat with Obama generals assisting. Then came the illegal elections a week ago, held under an armed curfew, which Obama announced as legitimate even as the real president (Manuel Zelaya) and his patriotic supporters in the hundreds of thousands sought to have him reinstated.

Since that speech, Obama also supported the removal of progressive Catholic priest and President Fernando Lugo in Paraguay. (Regarding the insulting absurdity of Obama’s Nobel Peace prize, see also The Nobel Peace Prize in Support of War, by Terje Maloy.—Eds)

The “black” president ran on a peace ticket, which he has reversed. Nor has he fulfilled any other of his somewhat progressive campaign promises, such as closing down Guantanamo’s torture factory.

I Have a Dream Drone has become Obama’s mantra.

I close with the words of Bolivia’s Evo Morales, the world’s first indigenous president, excerpted from his 10 Commandments:

Commandment 1: To End with Capitalism

If we want to start a serious and sincere discussion on climate change we should know that it is about the struggle between two ways of living, between two cultures: the culture of trash and death, versus the culture of life and peace. This is the core of the discussion on climate change. In order to preserve the planet, life and the human species, we must end Capitalism!”


Originally posted on March 9, 2013




Yep. Obama won with a huge mandate to do anything he wanted and we found out that all he wanted to do was to defend the status quo and continue the transfer of wealth to the rich. Which he did. Wealth inequality went way up during Obama’s tenure to levels unseen since before the Great Depression.

Banks got bailed out and we got diddly squat. This was the mandate that he was given when he was spouting hope and change. Why people think that he was the best president since FDR is beyond insane. How they can’t see him for what he was is also insane. He extended the Afgha nistan and Iraq wars, invaded Libya and Syria, gave the Saudis his support for the Yemen genocide and accomplished two coups in Honduras and Ukraine. Not to mention how he expanded the drone program to gawd knows how many countries. Then there’s his deportation of more immigrants than any other president before his tenure.

Oh yeah. And he passed the hideously flawed ACA when he had the votes to pass single payer because he went through reconciliation which only needed 51 votes to pass. Just like the republicans were able to pass their tax bill. Funny how the democrats can never stop the republicans from passing their legislation while the republicans can do to the Democrats.

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Ron Ridenour, journalist and activist, is the author of The Russian Peace Threat (Punto Press, 2018), and six books on Cuba including: “Backfire: The CIA’s Biggest Burn”, Cuba Beyond the Crossroads with Theodore MacDonald, and Cuba at Sea, plus other books such as “Yankee Sandinistas“, “Sounds of Venezuela”, and “Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka”. He has lived and worked in Latin America including in Cuba 1988-96 (Cuba’s Editorial José Martí and Prensa Latina), and in Denmark, Iceland, Japan, and India. www.ronridenour.com; email: ronrorama@gmail.com



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