USN submarine research killing whales and other marine life


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The wheels of business and human food compulsions are implacable and totally lacking in compassion. This is a downed cow, badly hurt, but still being dragged to slaughter. Click on this image to fully appreciate this horror repeated millions of times every day around the world. With plentiful non-animal meat substitutes that fool the palate, there is no longer reason for this senseless suffering. Meat consumption is a serious ecoanimal crime. The tyranny of the palate must be broken. Please consider changing your habits in this regard.

A US Navy Ohio-class submarine. In the hands of the neoliberal plutocracy, a tool not so much for defence as global supremacy.

‘This has been 100% predicted to happen! The US NAVY, Australian Navy and New Zealand Navy are conducting a RIMPAC type underwater electronic weapons testing with Raytheon right where these whales died! We have been reporting on this now for two years since the US Navy and Royal Australian Navy announced the war games!

Raytheon even boasted on their Australian web page that they "will control the seas and the Chinese had better take notice". They are using high intensity underwater electromagnetic and plasma energy weapons to detect and destroy Russian and Chinese "quiet submarines" that cannot be detected by using normal sonar.

The Navy even warms all Navy scuba divers to stay miles away from these underwater weapons or you will suffer a heart seizure! The larger the animal will absorb more of an electrical discharge due to its larger skin surface. One US submarine has the electronic fire power to kill a hundred pilot whales and when you add a dozen of these submarines along with underwater drones and surface war ships in one area the marine life is going to be destroyed!

The US Navy is doing the same type testing out of PMRF in Kauai and along the Oahu north shore but they track the whales using hydrophones and move away from the pods of whales and dolphin so this does not happen again here in Hawaii. But what the Navy is finally learning is these very dangerous underwater electronic weapons also kill coral reefs like what happened in Kauai and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The corals can not simply swim away from the submarines bombarding their habitat with electricity!’

There has been an unprecedented amount of marine-life washing up on shores by the thousands either dead or dying. When still alive, they appeared in most cases to be clearly disoriented. Ones that were helped back to the water would only find themselves right back on the beach, and in some cases internal and external trauma was apparent; periodically dolphins and even whales have been found with perforated ear drums. Some showing up dead with dozens of pounds of toxic plastic waste inside their stomachs. The timeline of these unusual events perfectly coincide with the US Navy’s planned five-year test of underwater sonar and sonic weaponry that commenced in 2014 and will last until 2019. One weapon being tested manipulates a tiny ball of plasma to produce incredible noise. (Our thanks to Last American Vagabond)




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