Cyrus, the Bodega cat (NYT Lottery commercial)—gift for all feline lovers



Patrice Greanville

We do NOT approve of lotteries in general, of any kind, regarding it as another form of gambling or taxation, mostly on the poor, a regressive form, and we did NOT get paid for running this ad. And we are not suddenly warm and fuzzy toward the advertising industry, an intrusive and pestiferous adjunct in capitalist society. We are doing it because, there are no absolutes in this world, so even in a pestilential swamp we can find sometimes notes of beauty.  And, yea, we like what we see and the spirit of this production, with “Cyrus”, a truly heartwarming feline. We love animals. And we have a special place in our hearts for kitties—who in his right mind doesn’t? Cats are special. (No offence to cows, birds, whales, and dogs, of course, or the rest of the animal nations, all of whom we embrace as siblings and co-travelers in this often incomprehensible journey through life and space.) So, just watch it, and hope you enjoy it.

New York Lotto “Bodega Cat” from elizabeth yoon on Vimeo.

Director: Jake Scott
Client: New York Lottery
Agency: McCann New York
Production: RSA Films
Hair+Makeup: Elizabeth Yoon
*I do not own the rights to this video

About the Author
Patrice Greanville simply loves animals.

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2 thoughts on “Cyrus, the Bodega cat (NYT Lottery commercial)—gift for all feline lovers

  1. I get to watch — and chase off — neighborhood cats that prey on birds and squirrels in my garden and yard. There is a reason why cats are one of the most invasive species on the planet. (National Geographic article of several years ago.) They kill billions of birds each year. I also have the pleasure of attempting to keep them from digging in my garden beds and depositing feces. I planted 3 beds of garlic in late October. One of the neighborhood cats systematically pooped in each of the beds over three consecutive days. I would put netting over a bed and it would move on to the next bed.

    If you are a cat lover and a lover of wildlife, please keep your cat(s) indoors.

    1. I quite agree that felines can cause trouble—all predators do, and fr that matters non predators as well. Much, if not all of this, is caused by human meddling with otehr species and our displacement of their normal habitat niches and natural balances in nature. Any responsible cat owner keeps his cats indoors. Yea, it’s not an ideal situaiton perhaps for them, but it spares them infections, attacks by humans and otehr animals, and death by cars and otehr agents of trauma. That also guarantees that no cat in such circumstance will be killing free birds for sport—what you note. I love birds, too. All of them. All my cats are rscues, and none ever goes outside. In those rare occasions when they are permitted to be outside, they do so under strictly supervised conditions, on a special leash, etc.

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