When Charlie Rose, Hillary’s media bulldog, attacked Sanders—disgraceful on all counts.

Actually there is no need to imagine. It's happening already.

Commentary by Patrice Greanville

CBS Evening News

Published on Apr 7, 2016
Senator Bernie Sanders has returned back to his birth state with hopes of winning the New York primary. But his campaign has been overshadowed by his remarks that he thinks Hillary Clinton is unqualified for the presidency. He discusses the comments with “CBS This Morning” anchor Charlie Rose

The above is a perfect example of several things at once:
• CBS (and most major TV networks) obvious allegiance to Hillary Clinton and her bid for the presidency in 2016;
• The shameless effort by notable “journalists” like Charlie Rose, to shill for her and disparage competitors and critics. In this “interview” Rose is clearly seen dragooning Bernie Sanders into an admission that Hillary’s credentials are excellent for the presidential mantle, which in a twisted way, seen from the viewpoint of the ruling criminal mafia, she is eminently qualified for, but NOT the way he’s trying to sell it to the clueless audience. Sanders, repulsvely caving in, complies and endorses Rose’s bloated description of Hillary’s “qualifications” for the Big Job. The whole spectacle is disgusting, but not unusual for Sanders.

• Sanders’ abject retreat and lack of gonads in simply pushing back against Rose’s inquisitorial browbeating shows he stands little chance of being an effective leader, even when supported by big majorities.  He should have reminded Rose that putting words in the mouth of the witness is not good judicial practice and certainly not journalistic practice. Of course, such remonstrating might have been edited out or cancelled the whole interview, but at least he would have shown Rose that there are limits to his whorish impudence.

• The whole exchange shows that Rose was driven out of television for the wrong reasons, or, shall we say, for a much lesser crime than his real crimes as a leading salesman and defender for the lies and interests of the criminal empire. What are #metoo accusations when compared to constant warmongering for a nuclear Armageddon?

BELOW: Sanders’ whole interview with Rose on his show.

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