Bezos: Lord of Amazon and the CIA-cozy Washington Post, and who knows what else. Suppressing capitalism's critics is one way of keeping himself at the top of the anthill.

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]urrently there is an Amazon initiative to deplatform writers that have a message that the empire does not like. (See Ron Unz on this issue)

At Saker.Community we anticipated this, and when two of our favorite authors found that Amazon would not handle their books without watering down the message or jumping through hoops, we set about to position ourselves as a indy publisher and a portal for distributing our community members’ books. To this end we have a book buyer registration of almost 800 Sakerites currently and this is growing daily. While the opportunity presents itself, my heartfelt thanks go to the community members that support us in our book sales.

Saker.Community is one of the spin-off Saker sites that continue to carry through The Saker’s message and continue to resist the empire’s war. We work closely with the main blog, but handle our vision and mission independently.

Our vision and mission is straight forward and two-fold:

– A publishing service, e-store, shipping and distribution facility to sell our community authors’ books and other worthwhile necessities for life.

– In addition, we like to consider ourselves as a space for a hopeful future with a peaceful trajectory for humankind and our slogan is “tending the vineyard”. We mainly, but not exclusively, publish pieces with a “swords into plowshares” theme. We also touch on open source technology – for example, permaculture, peaceful uses of drones, health and food related material. In this way we also resist not only the hegemon’s war on Russia, but the onslaught on humankind itself.

Amazon's growing monopolistic abuses are triggering the "off-Amazon" age.

We offer an outlet for any creative endeavor by Sakerites. books, your own articles of interest, music, art, alternative community services or even new and innovative health products.

On the publishing side, we proudly call ourselves ‘off-Amazon’ which is an apt descriptor that Scott came up with. We offer an alternative to any community author or writer that also wants to be off-amazon, or has the sense that they will never get published or distributed by Amazon and partners, or have been effectively banned by Amazon. In this way, we do our part to *not* feed the empire.

You can always find books from authors that The Saker has reviewed in the Saker.Community site. Ramin Mazaheri’s new book I’ll Ruin Everything You Are: Ending Western Propaganda on Red China currently has pride of place. Scott’s literary adventures are front and center and in the last few months, we have published three novels from Auslander with one more pending. Auslander’s novels are really good reads. The novelty of course is that although these are ‘novels’, we don’t know what happened in reality, or what truly is ‘novel’. But, reading them, you will soon make the distinction. Are these Novels, or rather Historical Accounts?

Our Movable Cafe commentator Paul Hai’s Rack’s and Pinions Theory on how the pyramids were constructed is available. Kevin presents his music there (have a listen – it is really good) and ioan offers his art as well.

The Essential Saker III is almost ready for publication in e-book and paperback form and will be the next available book.

Currently we are compiling a collection of some of the best free downloadable books from the internet. No, nothing like the massive internet libraries, but books by various authors and subjects that align with the interests of Saker readers. We have about 200 books gathered so far, ranging from Russian History, to World History to Alternative Health Books to some Strange Stuff and you will start seeing these works for download in the Saker.Community in the coming months.

Before we went through the process to become an off-Amazon publisher, we already produced two excellent books on Fundamentals of Orthodoxy available for free download for the History of the Orthodox People’s initiative.

Our work method resembles a small community supported Belt and Road system. For example, if we need an artist to help out with illustrations or some cover art, we reach out to our community. If we need a copy editor or proof reader, the call goes out to our community. And community members always come forward and roll up their sleeves. In this way, we support one another and attempt to create livings for all of the desert submariners with a vision of a flourishing vineyard.