Fallon (and his idiotic audience) laugh at Assange • Other court jesters do likewise.

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First iteration 04/12/2019


Unfunny comics

Fugitive WikiLeaks Co-Founder Julian Assange Gets Arrested in London

Jimmy Fallon, on NBC’s Tonight Show, finds Assange’s imprisonment an event suitable for malicious jokes. The clueless audience, like a bunch of ignorant, well trained, monkeys, laughs on cue. A truly pathetic spectacle, showng the depths of ignorance carried by the ordinary person in America, but all too typical of the disgraceful political consciousness disseminated by the plutocrats’ media.

A similar situation obtains at THE DAILY SHOW, a venue made famous by Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.

Assange Arrested and Charged with Conspiracy | The Daily Show

Although Trevor Noah seems, for a moment, to be adopting a more respectful (and truthful) attitude toward the Assange persecution, he soon reverts to cheap laughs, something that sounds at times like mock sympathy, refusing to use his platform to inject an ounce of clarity into this maliciously muddled story. Richly rewarded employment comes first, of course.

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