Iran’s Security Systems Detect 29 Million Cyber Attacks Since May

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Last updated Sep 1, 2019

TEHRAN – The 4 systems of cyber-security launched by the Iranian Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in May, have so far detected more than 29 million cyberattacks against the country, including over 19 million attacks conducted from 24 countries.

In May 2019, Iranian ICT Ministry unveiled a cybersecurity project codenamed Digital Fortress (Dejfa in Persian) to shield the country from increasing cyber threats targeting Iran’s infrastructure and online businesses.

A report published on Sunday detailed the performance of 4 systems working under Dejfa since the cybersecurity project was launched in May:

  1. Dejfa Teleware System has identified 19 million cyberattacks against Iran from 24 countries. 10 million attacks were launched from inside Iran.
  2. Kavoshgar System has analyzed 3,000 suspicious files and evaluated 140 applications. The system issued warning on 322 cases, and contacted vulnerable sections on 2,550 other cases.
  3. Dana System with a nationwide coverage of the country’s IP addresses has identified 20,000 vulnerable facilities inside the country.
  4. Detection and Countering System has identified 39 million cyberattacks, suspicious or illegal activities. The system has also identified 18,000 malwares.

According to Deputy ICT Minister Hamid Fattahi, Dejfa has improved monitoring and detection of cyber-threats by 200 percent. Late in June, ICT Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said in a tweet that US cyber-attacks against Iranian missile control systems had failed to cause any disruptions.

“The media ask whether the alleged cyber-attacks against Iran did take place,” Azari Jahromi said in a tweet on June 24.

“They try hard, but they have yet to carry out a successful attack,” he added.

The attacks came shortly after the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) shot down a US Navy RQ-4A Global Hawk drone that had entered Iranian airspace in the Persian Gulf region to gather intelligence, using Khordad 3 indigenous surface-to-air missile system.

“We have been facing cyber-terrorism for a long time…Last year we neutralized 33 million attacks with the (national) firewall,” Jahromi noted.

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