Establishment comic John Oliver breaks ranks with the zionists and all hell breaks loose

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Annotated by Patrice Greanville

This Oliver segment first aired on Sunday, 16 May 2021

The Hasbara backlash—right on cue

Pro-Israel apologists around the world are not counted in the hundreds but in the tens of thousands if not millions, that besides the almost total control they exercise over Western media, both directly and indirectly and the enormous pressure they wield through the complicity of the US and much of western political class, which treats Israel as a key member of the global imperialist project.
—The Editor
—The Editor

Smug crock of conceit

Eytan of the Two Nice Jewish Boys Podcast reacts to John Oliver's monologue from his weekly HBO show about the current hostilities between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. (All rights for the original bit are reserved to HBO) 

Another useless "rebuttal"

Israel's Jon Stewart takes on John Oliver's viral video

Israeli comic, @ליאור שליין Lior Schleien , does a point by point rebuttal of John Oliver's viral video about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Conceited Libertarian disinformer and imperial shill Dennis Prager joins the lynching mob: He starts up with a huge lie, that big media names have fawned over Oliver's segment on Palestine.

Big media names FAWNED over John Oliver’s segment this week about the Middle East conflict. Here’s the problem: He’s wrong. Too many people don’t realize they have been manipulated by Hamas propaganda. Here’s the truth. 

Israel & the Palestinian Conflict - Charlotte Korchak reacts to 'Last Week T. with John Oliver' (P2)
(The implication here is that this highly "educated" person will impartially tease out the truth about Israel's criminal policies, and that Oliver, for all his fire and brimstone is basically an ignoramus.  "Credentialism" is a strong point with the affluent upper middle class that supports the Biden admin and global liberal imperialism.)

StandWithUs / May 20, 2021

StandWithUs Senior Educator Charlotte Korchak reacts to 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' (Part 2).

March of the lihtweights: Israeli Actress Noa Tishby Calls Out Anti-Israel Celebs
Or why actors opinions are usually less than worthless. 

Israeli actress Noa Tishby discusses anti-Israel activism in Hollywood and the need for "strategic, long-term planning to combat it."

WATCH: John Oliver's INSANE Solution for the Israel CONFLICT
The rant of another conceited ignoramus or willful disinformer who chooses to defend glaring apartheid


Inside the Battle for Jerusalem 
Good images and production value, as usual, and a decent rather balanced presentation, but beware of Vice News, well known for being a sneaky imperialist shill, like much of mainstream media. 

Israel’s bombing of Gaza has killed 213 people and Hamas rockets into Israel have killed 13. The latest violence between Israel and Palestine came after weeks of police aggression towards Palestinians in East Jerusalem. We embed with protesters in Sheikh Jarrah who face losing their homes as they wait to hear their fate in a case that’s gone all the way to the Supreme Court. 

Historical digest on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict sure to leave both sides thoroughly pissed. In any case
"both-sideism" does not apply to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, as the criminality of Zionist policy cannot be honestly "balanced" by the supposedly "terrorist" deeds of the Arab side. 

This was first published in 2015. 
One thing is for sure, a lot of Arabs have betrayed the Palestinian people, too, starting with Egypt, which remains a satrapy of the West in any case. 
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Since the overpaid corporate media whores will never risk their careers to report the truth, the world must rely on citizen journalists to provide the facts that explain reality. After systematically corrupting the entire media, thereby hijacking the mainstream narrative, corporate power, led by the US, has practically killed democracy wherever it managed to survive, including in the US itself, easily one of the most heavily propagandised nations in history. The consequences of this disgraceful situation can be seen everywhere, and that's why the fight for the truth has never been so vital. We stand on the edge of an ecological abyss precipitated by a cancerous industrial system devoid of any moral restraints. Furthermore, dripping hypocrisy, the West has unilaterally declared war on China, Russia and Iran, which threatens a nuclear confrontation, plus other nations like Venezuela or Cuba that also dare to resist the tyrannical diktats emanating from Washington. It's clear that war, ceaseless propaganda, and the immiseration of labor is the chosen solution of the empire managers to the capitalist system's incurable crisis, a crisis rendered all the more intractable by the computer revolution which has only deepened capital's legendary "overproduction" contradiction. 

In this ridiculously uneven struggle between people's voices like Caitlin Johnstone, Jonathan Cook, Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp, Glenn Greenwald, Abby Martin, Jeff Brown, Godfree Roberts, the Grayzone team, the folks at Consortium News, and others of equally impressive merit, and the capitalist system's Orwellian media machine, our role must always be to help distribute far and wide what these journalists produce—to act as "influence multipliers". There's power in numbers, power that the enemy cannot hope to match. This is the primal power that the masses possess and which the oligarchs fear. Put it to use by becoming an influence multiplier. Repost this material anywhere you can. Send it to your friends and kin. Discuss it with your workmates. Liberation from this infernal and mendacious system is in your hands.

—The Editor, The Greanville Post
—The Editor, The Greanville Post


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