Neocon fake hero and full-on warmonger John McCain was always a strong supporter of imperialist proxy tools, hence his ungflagging support for "Syrian rebels". Here he's proudly posing with some ISIS guys who cleaned up their image a bit for publicity purposes.

The media has once again proved its status as the “seventh force”! All of a sudden, the remnants of the seemingly defeated ISIS and the crushed al-Qaeda have changed their names. The radical Jabhat al-Nusra suddenly turned into an authoritarian, albeit quite suitable partner for Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, whose leader, Abu Mohammad al-Jolani, sat for a February 2021 interview with the correspondent of the “independent” and popular TV program Frontline as a completely secular man clad in a suit and talking about Islamic values. True, independent journalism is on its knees in the West, and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), which distributes Frontline materials, has close links to Joe Biden’s administration. The very same Democratic administration which brands as the West’s enemy anyone who does not share its policy.

Why did the “Democrats” need this? After all, everyone understands that a wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf, and the experience of Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden seemed to have taught the “Deep State“ controlled intelligence services a long time ago that Islamic radicals are extremely unreliable allies. But the urge to control Middle East oil and prevent the region’s return to stability under Russian patronage clearly outweighs any risks, at least in the eyes of the “Deep State“ elite.

Trump, an ignoramus with a huge ego, way out of his depth, relied for guidance on a cluster of pathological neocons. Bolton, Navarro and Pompeo never ceased promoting hostilities and outright wars with anything and anyone opposing the empire.

Donald Trump wanted to withdraw US troops at least from Northern Syria, leaving it in the care of Russians and Turks, but James Jeffrey, US Special Representative for Syria and Iraq, long in the service of the “Deep State,” lied to his president, downplaying the number of troops and giving a distorted picture of what was going on in the region. This eventually cost him his job, but Donald Trump did lose his battle with the system while still in office. Trump’s pragmatic approach dictated by a desire to cut costs on unnecessary wars, was simply sabotaged. So, Donald Trump quite logically decided against providing weapons and ammunition to numerous groups fighting in Syria. He even scaled-down the CIA’s supply program. However, State Department officials, not directly subordinated to the then occupant of the White House, quickly found a way to help their unreliable allies. As a result, al-Qaeda-linked jihadist groups, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham included, received via the Pentagon even such sophisticated weapons as TOW anti-tank grenade launchers, which require special training by their users. And the leader of the most powerful country around could do nothing to rein in members of his own entourage, who badly needed an ongoing war in the Middle East. [It didn't help that Trump was ideologically inconsistent, at times chaotic, a performative zionist, and massively ignorant, a political neophyte embarrassingly out of his depth, and failed miserably at picking reliable advisors, dipping only in the neocon pool for some of his most sensitive choices.—Ed)

Why do they need this war so badly? There are too many reasons for this: military contracts, money, oil, and the closely intertwined interests of the “Deep State“, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as well as the desire to put ]strategic] pressure on NATO partners. Trump, who has never been associated with the military-industrial complex, challenged them and lost. They won, and shortly after Biden became president they openly announced the procurement of $350 million worth of arms and ammunition for the Middle East. On the Pentagon’s websites, you will find everything you need to know about this transaction, which involved eight US companies, including Sierra Four Industries Corp., Blane International group INC, Culmen International LLC, and others. Since none of these weapons happens to be made in the West and as all are Soviet-style, produced in Eastern Europe, it is perfectly clear that Western armies don’t need them.

These weapons will go to the “rebels” to make sure that they continue wreaking havoc in the region. The eight Western companies involved in these supplies have already enlisted the services of Serbian, Bulgarian, and Romanian arms factories. And all the while, no one has shown the slightest desire to answer the question being asked by [a few] journalists about “where the weapons will go.” So, the war in the Middle East will rage on and it will be a long one. This is something that even Syrians, who have long lived in America, now talk about.

Maram Susli, also known in the international journalist and blogger community as “Syrian Girl” just issued a new short movie about the situation in Syria. In her new investigation “Syrian Girl” breaks down the recent rebranding of Al Qaeda. The young blogger shows the situation in Syria without embellishment and she even presents several official documents proving the ambiguous connections of the Syrian terrorists:  (The video is already ‘age-limited).