The War on Cuba—excellent documentary series exposing the naked criminality of US foreign policy

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Absent an outright military attack, the US is applying to Cuba the same old formula that eventually undermined the mighty Soviet Union: Permanent economic warfare by all possible means, reinforced by an aggressive disinformation campaign designed to destroy the target population's morale and faith in their own system.

Cuban journalist Liz Oliva is our guide to the series.

The repugnant evil of US policy toward Cuba is undeniable and in the open; it's been so for decades—six and counting—and yet no one can do much about it because the rulers of the US, the billionaires that comprise its sociopathic oligarchy, will not lift their crippling economic embargo on the island, a polite term for economic warfare. And they can't be forced to remove their sanctions—completely illegal from the standpoint of international law—because they hide behind America's bloated military muscle and a thick wall of disinformation loyally operated by the system's prostituted media. We know why this is being done. Cuba is hated and demonised by US ruling elites and their accomplices around the globe for the same reasons the Soviet Union and Communist China, and more recently Venezuela, Nicaragua and Iran have also been hated and feared: they provide a living demonstration that humanity has much better choices than the "American Way of Life," that is, irrational and savagely predatory capitalism.

Trump, a malignant capitalist clown, had no problem imposing draconian sanctions on Cuba. Pandering to the Cuban gusanos in Florida, a key state, is what US leading politicians do. Biden, as expected from a Democrat phony, has made the situation even worse.

The example of any successful socialist nation cannot be permitted, say the rulers of the global US empire. It could prove contagious and subversive. Running a fraudulent system that is not a democracy, that is perennially riddled with crime and corruption; that continually drowns in unresolvable contradictions, from frequent, devastating economic recessions to incurable unemployment and constant recourse to war, that sinks ever deeper into obscene inequality, that has long been involved in deliberate ecocide, they have reason to fear the example of socialism. In this series of videos, prepared by the Belly of the Beast project, the case of Cuba is eloquently explained. Americans who never understood this issue well can now start to realise the immensity of their country's hypocrisy and possibly do something to rectify such wrongs. In so doing, by shedding their indoctrination in US exceptionalism; by discarding their belief in the immaculate conception of American foreign policy, they may finally rejoin the 95% of humanity that already sees the world as it really is, and not upside down as it is usually presented by the whores of the political and media system of the United States, and much of what passes for "the Free World". The Appendix explains how the Belly of the Beast journalist collective sprang into action to serve as a journalistic bridge and conduit between Cubans and Americans working to tell the truth about Cuba.
—The Editor
—The Editor

The War on Cuba — Episode 1

Oct 9, 2020

Belly of The Beast is a media outlet that counters parachute journalism by providing stories directly from the island.

The War on Cuba — Episode 2

Belly of The Beast is a media outlet that counters parachute journalism by providing stories directly from the island. The documentary series, The War on Cuba, gives an inside look on the effects of U.S. sanctions on Cuban people. Episode 2 explores the impact of the US-imposed “oil blockade” on Cuba and the ways in which Cubans are finding alternatives to scarcities caused by US sanctions. CORRECTION: John Bolton was named National Security Advisor in 2018.

The War on Cuba — Episode 3

Oct 24, 2020


How these documentaries came to be—and other important background material

Reed Lindsay: War On Cuba

Filmed in Cuba, the “War on Cuba” is a powerful new documentary series unlike any seen before. It was produced by a unique collaborative of US and Cuban journalists and documentary filmmakers called the Belly of the Beast. Formed in early 2020, it is the only media organization with a permanent presence in Cuba that combines cinematic video with substantive, high-impact journalism geared toward filling the void left by media coverage of Cuba and US-Cuba relations. The film was viewed more than 400,000 times on the Internet and Belly of the Beast has grown its social media presence from zero to 30,000 followers in only nine months on various platforms. This week I interview the director of the series Reed Lindsay who is also the founder of Belly of the Beast. Then we are going to broadcast all three segments of “War on Cuba” for the first time on Television. Reed tells me that they are gearing up to produce more segments this year, which we hope to broadcast. But in the mean time many more of their short films can be found on the Belly of the Beast website and YouTube channel. Thanks to Belly of the Beast ! Recorded 1/25/21 

Journalist: U.S. Waging ECONOMIC War With Cuba, The Country Must Be LEFT ALONE

Reed Lindsay, director of Belly of the Beast, discusses the inaccuracy of White House comments (read: blatant lies) on U.S. relations with Cuba.


What do CUBANS think of U.S. intervention?

Belly of The Beast Cuba • 18 Jul 2021

The War On Cuba With Liz Oliva Fernández & Reed Lindsay

Journalists Liz Oliva Fernández & Reed Lindsay talk about what is happening in Cuba and offer a perspective you don't get in mainstream media. Learn about their project Belly Of The Beast Twitter: @bellybeastcuba Instagram: @bellyofthebeastcuba Facebook:

Biden Continues the US War on Cuba

Biden backtracked on his campaign promise to reverse Trump's draconian sanctions on Cuba and is maintaining them, despite the pandemic and Raul Castro's departure from the country's leadership. Documentary filmmaker Reed Lindsay talks about what this has meant for Cuba.

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