Clash of Civilizations: Michael Hudson Explains the Global Financial Empire, and Why It Sees China as its Principal Enemy (Video)

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Speaker Prof. Michael Hudson

Comrade Quan Le, a member of the China Writers Group has brought this indispensable material to our attention, Michael Hudson's 3-part analysis of the clash between China and the US, the latter an empire in economic, social and political free fall due to its embrace of inherently predatory financialization, and the simply incurable chaos and inhumane irrationality of capitalism. Says Quan Le:

Here is an awesome synthesis in 86 minutes by Professor Michael Hudson on the mechanisms used by the financial oligarchy to live their parasitical lives. Examples presented are the Athens-led Delian League, the Roman Oligarchy and what else, AZAEL, the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment. In a nutshell : loot everyone, bleed the so-called allies & impoverish the metropolitan population in the last phase before the inevitable cataclysmic collapse, most probably accelerated because of stupid decisions by a deeply corrupted ruling class.

A personal note, the word Empire for me is not a 6 letters dirty word, so I avoid using it when speaking of AZAEL because using it is to glorify a group of gangsters. Remember the booklet by Smedley Butler? "War is a racket" ;  I even consider the mindless association of the word "Empire" to AZAEL as part of the pervasive & nefarious Anglo-Zio-American propaganda. China, Russia, Iran, because of their glorious pasts, dynamic present & civilizational achievements, are N.E.C.s (Nation-Empire-Civilizations). We humans need food, safety, mind development, relations, dignity, honor & glory (to consciously identify oneself to a group with high civilizational achievements: past, present and expected in the future in order to have an appropriate pride giving us a spine in life).

Some will prefer the word Republic (Res Publica aka the Common Good) to Nation-Empire-Civilization, why not ? The Chinese equivalent to Republic is 天 命 (Tian1 Ming4) The Mandate of Heaven. And the Mandate of Heaven has two essential phases : first 小 康 (Xiao3 Kang1) Moderately Prosperous Society & 大 同 (Da4 Tong2) Great Harmony. — Arrivederci ! Quan

Global Financial Empire 1
The Political Economy of Financialization

Finance Capitalism vs Industrial Capitalism
Oct 8, 2020

Global Financial Empire 2
The New Cold War

Oct 15, 2020

Global Financial Empire 3

The Political Economy of Financialization

Two additional lectures of equal interest—

Michael Hudson - Changes in Superimperialism

Michael Hudson - Changes in Superimperialism: The Position of the USA and China in our Global Economic System

Prof. Michael Hudson. Collapse of the Dollar: Toward Ending the US Monetary Empire

June 10 2021

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